VLiggity VLog!!!!

I didn;t use youtube so I hope this works and I'm sorry it's sideways but I can't seem to flip it.,I know ridiculous!!!! sorry.

Anyway, this is just a quickie update on life lately.

See you soon!!!!!
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Char said...

Love your VLOGs!! I guess I didn't pay attention to a post to ask questions. You are adorable! Keep your chin up, that boot will make you stronger and run faster, I know it!

Questions for next VLOG: 1. About how much water/liquid do you drink during a long run/race? 2. Do you wear compression socks to bed, or long periods during the day while not working out?

Much love! xoxo

Heather said...

Thanks for doing the vlog even though you didn't get any questions. I haven't been checking any of my usual sites very often lately so I read 5+ posts at a time these days.

Take care!


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