Where there's a Will, There's a Way


I'm sure you all know I have been constricted to a boot for  a month and I;m not allowed to to run or swim or bike. 

So I went to the gym to see what I could get into. I rowed for 30 min and burned 250 calories. Not bad!

However, in that 30 min span I managed to get 3 blisters on my hands so I guess it;s time for cut off gloves!

Then I found this machine that is does iso-active exercises and so I jumped on it. It was actually pretty great, It basically an elliptical but sitting down so I think I might be ok for my let and actually could get a little workout! I think I burned anther 200 calories or so! 

So all in all I am feeling a little bit better,

I also did 140 crunches today and 100 modified push ups! 

stepping up my game!!1
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Char said...

140 crunches...YOU GO GIRL!! That is awesome! You will have a toned mid section in no time. Gosh, you don't even look like you have two kids, you look AMAZING!!!!!

Jamie Campbell said...

I'm happy that you are transitioning & finding something to do! I'm sorry you can't swim, bike, or run :(

Let's pray this month goes quickly!!


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