Aspen Vista

I'm lucky. I live in a beautiful place! 

The kids are just starting to get old enough to to hike on their own without being carried. 

We took a little jaunt up to Aspen Vista and it was gorgeous and so much fun.

Daddy's girl


ohhhhh.........He's getting so heavy! Good thing I've been working out!

My first born. My angel! 

Best  daddy I know right here!

Me and my little peanut!

Ohhhhhh and looky, looky doesn't this look PERFECT For running? HELLO!!!!! 
I'm so coming back here to run like a beast! 

Hope You all had a beautiful weekend. I am feeling EXTRA Happy and appreciative this week!! 
I'll share soon!!!!

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4 comments: said...

Your family is so cute!!

Lindsay said...

Such gorgeous scenery! And an adorable fam too :)

ladaisi said...

That is so awesome that your kids are so small and will walk so much on their own! My kid is four and a half and he wants me to carry him everywhere! And I'm tiny! It's exhausting.

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Susan said...

Playing catch up! Missed you girl!
This looks just beautiful and your kiddies are too cute for words.


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