AWESOME Recovery Day

Here I am ready to roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Today I decided to up my game a little. I decided to run on the local DIRT track and do a spin class! 

Here's the dirt track. It's only half a mile away from my house and it's really quite nice. I can't wait for track days once I start training for Boston. I'll tear it up on that track!!!

I wore my Brooks Cadence shoes for over pronators on the minimal side ad LOVED them! Highly recommend but I bet they wear out fast if your doing high mileage!!!! 

I plan to only use my beloved Mizuno's for long runs!

One mile Done. 
10 min/mile pace. Not bad and I was takin' it REAL easy. I totally could have done a 9 min mile but caution, caution with my little leg. 
Anyway, VERY, VERY happy to be running again!!!!!

Oh my beloved Garmin who I missed dearly!!!!!! CLockin' right on target as usual!!!!!

Well then I had 45 min to kill before my spin class so I decided maybe just a little more mileage on the indoor track at GFCC. 
I did another .75 mile and decided I REALLY don't like in door tracks! 
Way too small, cramped, The curves kept cramping my stride. Won't run there again! 

20 Military push ups in the corner!!!! Even did some free weights and a machine for my quads. 

Gotta get um BIG!!!!!!!!!!! 

Finally time for spin class after some free weights!!!!!! Changing into my clip in shoes!!!!!

My spin class. Everybody gettin' ready!!!!

Well, you remember my spin teacher who looks like Elvis, he was there today and asked how difficult of a class we wanted, Of course like idiots we all chimed in "HARD 10 out of 10". SO I think he tried to kill us. 

We did 35 minuets of steep climb jumps STRAIGHT and then the rest of the time was sprinting!!! No I'm not kidding. Not one single break. 

OYE VEY!!!!! 

Seriously, just look at me!!!!! 

Ummmmm, SWEAT MUCH???????

Best recovery day so far! I feel like a milllion bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post workout knosh...........giant veggie sandwhich on oat bread!!!!!!! and some green grapes!!!!!


what do you like to recover with after your workout?

do you spin???? if not you NEED to because it's AWESOME!!!!!

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Jolene said...

Fave thing to recover with? Green smoothies!

Don't spin...don't do gyms (I live in a SUPER rural area where there isn't much for options...and we're 45 minutes from the next town!) Sounds like a major workout though!

SueAnn Lommler said...

I am timid of spinning. Don't know if I could keep up? Sigh!
Good work out..congrats

ºoºSheenaºoº said...

I wish I liked spin class, but I so do not, lol! I do however, love aqua bike!! Yay you!!

Susan said...

Sweat much? LOLOLOL!
I've never tried spinning but my gf swears by it.
My husband has taken up running in a big way lately...he has a watch which is so/so...wondering if I should pick him up the one you love so much for our anniversary? What do you think?


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