This last Sunday we ALL went to church for a change. Once and a while I'll go with the kids but it's really hard by myself to wrangle both of the children by myself since my husband is playing in the band. 

I guess you could say I am an over protective mother! I have never left my children with a babysitter or at a childcare center of ANY KIND. The only person who has ever watched my kids is my mother and that's only a few hours at a time. 

So of course our church has a child care center but I have Been VERY leary to leave my kids there but today I decided that Milton was a big boy and he could probably handle it. I figured I would have to Hold Ginger but to my surprise they both wanted to stay in the center and had a blast playing with the other kids. Every 5 minuets I went and looked into the window to make sure they were okay. 

Yup, crazy over protective mom right here.

Anyhow, so my mom and I actually got to enjoy the sermon. I was never baptized and was not raised with religion or in the church. 
My husband however was and it's an important part of his life. I have always agreed that I have wanted our children to be raised in the church regaurdless of my "scientific" views. 

Regaurdless of what I truly believe I think church is a lovely ritual that teaches children many, many important lessons. 
Plus it introduces them to a whole new crowd of kids that may or may not be helpful once they hit their teenage years. Hopefully a more wholesome crowd.

Anyway, I think from now on we'll go every Sunday! 

Hubby and the babes

Little baby kisses are the best thing in the entire world!!!!

Do you go to church EVERY Sunday????

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songbyrd on the mountain said...

To answer your question, yes, I do. I was raised in the faith and even though I started out in a church that was more about following rules, and religion, and less about grace, forgiveness and a relationship with Jesus, I never wavered. I am so thankful that I am now involved with a church that truly teaches and lives out the love and grace of our God. That offers so many opportunities to learn and grow in our relationships with Jesus and also teaches about the power of the Holy Spirit. I love worship-- the old hymns are comforting, the newer praise music makes me heart pound with enthusiasm. Music is so important to me.
I have always had a strong faith and count myself blessed to not have had major crisis of faith.
I agree, it is important to raise our families with a strong foundation and think the people who work in the childrens church area are amazing!!

m&msmommy said...

I abosolutely LOVE the kids clothes! They look SOOO adorable! Glad you guys got to go to church!

We go every single Sunday, first hour is to listen to the sermon and then we have "small group" aka Sunday school, with 3 other awesome couples! I was raised Catholic, but really only went to church on holidays. Now we attend a Baptist church, and I don't go because of the religious "affiliation" (aka Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, etc.) we go to that church because we LOVE it and just so happens to be Baptist! :) The kids LOVE their Sunday school friends, and I hope they all grow up together! :)

Amy said...

yup! Every Sunday. {surprise, surprise, right? ha!} Church has been SUCH an important part of my life. Not so much the church building itself, but the community of people I have met there, and more importantly, the faith that it brings. I love feeling uplifted and comforted when I am down, ultimately knowing that someone bigger then me has it all worked out and I LOVE knowing the my kids and I are surrounded by others seeking {hopefully} the same thing. I hope you find the same community...its a wonderful thing! xoxo

Kenzie CBMommyhood said...

That's great that the whole family was able to go to church last Sunday!

I do not go to church every Sunday, or very often actually. I have a weekly study group at my house though, does that count? Haha!

Beth Ann said...

Awesome! I bet your hubby loves it when you and the kids go. I think your plan of continuing to go will be a huge blessing to you and only enrich your lives even more!

kt said...

YES! I go *every* Sunday w/ my family. The church I attend on Sunday mornings is small & very casual...the children stay w/ us during worship--& no one minds my 3yo running around--Pastor feels he's doing *exactly* what a 3yo "should" be doing. ;-) I LOVE those people! Once worship is over the children go outside for a lesson and to play. My 3yo is in and out most of the time. haha.

My relationship w/ Jesus Christ is a significant part of my daily life and I wouldn't be who I am w/o it/Him.

I remember how hard it was when my middle 2 were littles. Good job momma!

Jolene said...

Yup, every week...unless we can get some time away. My husband runs the sound/light board and he rarely gets help. I keep all 4 of our children IN service with me (including the 2 yr old who is still learning to be quiet). We're adding 3 more children (2 of them possibly this month!) and I'm not sure how that's going to go but I refuse to drop them off to be babysat while I'm in the sanctuary.

Christine said...

Yep =O) Sweet post here and I think you are amazing to honor your husband this way with your children and going to church. I am like you in the kid department. I never really left my kids with many other people other then my parents and a few close friends. Happy Monday to you. =O)

CB_Wilson said...

I go to church MOST Sundays and I'm SO happy that you've made the decision to attend more regularly. I think you're really going to see and feel a major difference in your life! I believe, with all of my heart, that things will get easier to handle for you very, very soon! I'm so excited!

Jen said...

Yes, every Sunday, but some Sundays go smoother with the children than others! Your children are adorable.

Melissa said...

I do try to go as often as I can to Church services on Sunday morning.
I have a Special Needs 21 year old Son, he enjoys listening to the Music, and he sits pretty well for the Services. =)

I was raised in the Catholic faith when I was younger, but now I attend Christian or Methodist Services.
When I cant actually get out and go to church, I watch a local church Service on TV at 1100 Sunday mornings ( its broadcast live )

Amy said...

I LOVE this! I do go to church every Sunday! Unless I am out of town, I can usually get there once a week. I love it, it provides so much clarity for me, and reminds me what the center of my life is. I haven't always gone to church every Sunday, but the times when I do, I always feel healthier and happier!

Plus, not that I have kiddos yet, but I TOTALLY agree that hopefully, they'll meet a good group of friends that can be helpful when they get older! :)

Emily Baker said...

woo hoo!!! love this idea :) your hubby looks very happy too!

i go every sunday! it's the best :)

Amber said...

I love your dress! I think I have the same one PS your kids are super cute but you knew that already :)

Lolo said...

I was raised going to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, Thursday night, Sunday School, homeschooled and then went to church school in my high school years...and on and on and on and on. We were non denominational, then fundamentalist, then Baptists.

I had the usual clashes with my parents in my teenage years, but I was raised with a strong moral compass that has continued to guide me as an adult and the Sunday school lessons taught by my youth pastor (a police officer) are ultimately the stories that fueled my passion for my now long standing career in law enforcment. He taught us what it was like to serve others with a giving heart (even if those stories were always filled with soem kind of was fun).

I've gone far away from the weekly church schedule in my adult years, shiftwork killed that quickly, BUT I really like your compromise with your husband (for lack of a better word) and your appreciation of what learing about Faith and surrounding your family wtih good lessons and good people can bring.

From a "kid" whose parents took her to church every Sunday, wether or not I wanted to get out of bed, it was one of the best things they could have done for me.

Also.....I LOVE the orange dress. Orange just doens't get enough credit these days. :)


runnergirl said...

Hi!! Just found your blog and think it's great! Well done on your weight loss, you are looking amazing!

My husband and i go to Church every Sunday and love it - the people there are like our family. I think it's easy to want to go every week if you have a church that feels like it's your second home and you feel comfortable there.

I look forward to following your blog! Rach :)

Alesha said...

Yes. I go every Sunday. Without time listening to God's Wors each week and talking with other believers I begin to feel LOST, OVERWHELMED, and ALONE. Jesus is my strength, my Savior, and my God. My whole life is planned around Him, and Sundays are just a small part of that. I have learned over the past several years that I MUST completely surrender my life to Christ. I can only hold it together for so long on my own.
I'm so glad you are starting to go and that your children enjoy it. I think it is important for families to do things together. Just remember that Christains are humans too. We aren't perfect, but we are forgiven and are in the process of becoming more like Jesus. So don't be surprised when you see imperfections, disagreements, and frustrations. That's why the church community is SO important! We need each other to correct when we're doing wrong and lift us up and point us back to Jesus when we are down and discouraged and to rejoice with us during the good times
Alesha <3

Char said...

I think I may be one of the only ones that does not go to church regularly, and I was not raised going to church much at all. Once I met my husband (who grew up going to church REGULARLY) I started going. My parents raised me with the thinking to not force a religion or belief on me and let me explore and learn on my own. Not bad, but I would have liked to have gone earlier in my life. I still turned out ok :) Since meeting my husband we'd gone to chuch quite often, thought not every single Sunday. Now, with my job, rotating shift work and a baby, I rarely get Sunday's off. I still think it's important though, even just doing a group/at home study to learn about religion/God/Jesus to get a feel for what it is all about. I believe :)

P.S. Your kids are the CUTEST!!! They do look like twins. LOVE LOVE LOVE that last picture! xoxox

Coleen McCrea Katz said...

I go to church every Sunday. I am a Roman Catholic and have a husband who was born and raised Jewish. He converted to Catholicism. You know what they say about converts, they REALLY take to the faith! He is a Eucharistic minister and serves Holy Communion every Sunday when we attend mass at our parish. We also usually have our son and his fiance joining us at mass. Sometimes we even go out for brunch afterwards. It's a great way to spend time with God.

I always, with the exception of 1 year when my son was 18 months to 2 1/2, took my kids to church. Never did the children's liturgy where they were taken out of the mass. I just brought a lot of Cheerios, crayons, coloring books, dolls, cars, etc. to occupy them.

We were lucky that they had a children's version of the missiles and as soon as they could make out any of the words I had them follow along.

Susan said...

We don't.
That said, I always feel like it's a real Sunday when we do get there.
A certain feeling of peace y'know?


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