Here's a little Inspiration for your day.

This morning I got up at 6 and did 60 min on the strairmaster and then upper body free weights and I've been crunching and push uping all day. 

I'm at 129. Feeling good

I've got some pretty major news on a few fronts to share but still working on getting those posts together. 

My boot comes off in a week!!! 

ONE WEEK!!!!!!

Awesome weight loss program ♥


Is it better to run on dirt or the treadmill to avoid injury????

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runnergirl said...

Love this! Thanks for the inspiration! Happy last boot week... Woohoo!!

Christy said...

Love the pics, love that you get to run soon!

Treadmill is easier on me unless it's very uneven dirt, or deep. Hope you are healing so fast!

Lindsay said...

AHHH Love it all :)

Adina said...

I love your inspiration I totally got out and did my run and my insanity workout this morning after seeing your post this morning on FB! I wass telling the hubbs more about you and he is so excited for me bc of all your hardwork and what it does for me daily.

Jamie Campbell said...

if you run on the dirt, be careful with your ankles! mine tend to roll. However, I'm doing it to toughen them up and ultimately trail run with my dad! thanks for the inspiration!


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