Monday's workout, menu and some discounts

Monday I got up and 2 went to spin with new compression shorts on. I must say they were PERFECT for spinning or biking because they are long and don't ride up AT ALL!!!!!!! SO they felt great!!!!!!! By the way they are 2 for 1 right now if you want to purchase a pair hurry up!!!

I was so proud of myself because I actually managed to do some free weights which I don;t particularly like.  I did some tri's and bi's.


Horrible photo of me starting my squat routine that killed me last week for 3 days.

50 squats without stopping
15 knee push ups
 40 squats without stopping
15 knee push ups
20, no stopping
15  knee push ups
10 last squats

DONE! OUCH!\                                   

Come on now give it try it's not THAT bad!!!! Soon I'll be up to 250:)

SO I did them in my compression shorts and I must say 5 hours later I am feeling slightly sore but NOTHING compared to last week. Last week I couldn't even sit down for 3 days. If I feel sore tonight I will wear them after dinner for a few hours.
UMMMMM....WORST PHOTO EVER. Thank goodness I am pregnant so I can let it go!


1. Pre-workout clif Bar and Click Protein shake

2. Post work out, 1 bowl of kashi with unsweetened almond milk(only 60 calories folks ans GREAT protein. Just sayin')

#3 Lunch was veggie sandwich on whole wheat with grapes and a yogurt

#4 Dinner was large green salad and a baked potato

I think this is lovely and hilarious! It's a Proven fact American's spent AT LEAST 2.5 hours a day wasting their lives watching TV!!!!
I find the busiest people get the most done!!!! I used to L*O*V*E getting up at 4am for my long run so I could back in time for the kids to wake up.

 Life isn't easy folks. 

I think sometimes people look at fit people and thing to themselves,

"oh she's just naturally thin" 

This is such BS and makes me mad!!. No I'm naturally a chunker in fact but you know what I feel better than I've ever felt in my life thin and fit so I will do whatever I have to to stay that way!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.............I'll be laughing for years because I've struggled badly with my weight  since I was a 9 year old girl and now I am a size 6 and was a size 4 before I had to stop running a few months ago. So, loosing all that weight was FAR from easy for me. 

 However when I was at my heaviest I have been accused of thinking the same thing. It's jealously and it's TOTALLY human and understandable.

*Yes I get up at 4am
*Yes I eat 2 salads a day
*No I don;t hardly eat any sugar
*I NEVER drink soft drinks or alcohol
*I work out 1.5 hours a day 3-5 days a week (pregnant or not  and intend to until the baby comes out) 

That's not easy my friends!!! Nobody ever said is was going to be. The question is, is it worth it to you?????
the answer for me is absolutely YES!!!!!!!!! 

How bad do you really feel because I know at 245 pound I  had NEVER and I mean NEVER felt so horrible in all my life and I will NEVER go back there. It was a very dark place for me. 

But there is hope once you get over the anger and bitterness that you ended up however you did. Most of us that have weight"issues" are self medicating for much deeper problem. It's totally normal but you don't have to sit back and take it. Get up and do something about it

.I have had several people accuse me of having gastric bypass surgery rather loosing the weight naturally as I did. It's infuriating!!!!!!!

So if you can let go of the anger and get out there., You can do it just like anyone else can. Sure it's easier for some than others but I'll tell you what it's NEVER been easy for me but you know what I wanted it so bad that I make it happen NO MATTER WHAT I had to do or how hard it got!!!!! I have hypothyroid and a slow metabolism and not the greatest genes. Sorry mom, not you, we'll blame the Porter's. LOL

Sorry for the rant but sometimes I think people don't understand how hard it is to loose 115 pounds. They just assume you  must be naturally thin or athletic or coordinated. WRONG!!!! It's doable and I will support each and every one of you the entire way but don't just decide as an excuse you can 't  because of money or motivation or time or childcare or whatever because I have ALL of those problems my friends ans many more. ALL OF THEM And managed to figure out a way!!!!!! 

Need help????? Email me! I would love to help out or go read my weight loss journey for a detailed plan!!!! 


ALSO........There is a fabulous documentary about the marathon that I cannot stop watching. I have probably watched it 10 times. Anyway, It's called The Spirit of the Marathon" and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone even slightly interested in the marathon. 
Find {HERE}

Also the protein beverage that happen to be obsessed with CLICK is having a promo where you will get a free shaker PLUS free shipping on every canister you buy. Just enter the code "shaker" 
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Pro Compression socks are also 1/2 off right now. Click Here to take advantage of that.

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toi said...

I live this post, so inspirational. Going to starting healthy living again from today

Beth Ann said...

This is a great post. I love when you share what you me great ideas. I am going to get that cereal and almond milk!

Emily Baker said...

you go girl! preach it!

Cassidy said...

So true!! Anything good you have to work your butt off for!

Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl said...

That's my fav flavor clif bar. Mmmmm. Hard to find around here sometimes though.

Susan Liberatore said...

I so agree!
I am one of the ones that is envious of you!! LOL.
You are an inspiration my friend...I don't know how you do it.

REBrown said...

Very motivational!


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