Nobody EVER Said Life was Going to be Easy


There was a wonderful little place on our honeymoon in Venice that we loved and this was one of the dishes we rely liked. It's jumbo shrimp fried with shoe string zucchini. My husband whipped it up for us last night since it was our anniversary! 

AT 6 this morning I decided to head out to the first track for a little run. I ran 1.5 miles and guess what???

Pretty darn sure my leg is still broken. 

I am so disappointed I want to cry but I won't. I'll be strong. I  am making an appointment with the acupuncturist ASAP and no more running for a few more weeks but I refuse to put that boot back on.

Sad doesn't even really begin to describe the feelings at this point but all I can do is hope and pray and work out every other way possible without hurting it more. 

I need to get my leg muscle back. I need quads of steel to support that poor little tibia!!!! 

I think I'm about to join Cross Fit! 

Well at any rate the squats will be more than abundant and so will the spinning!!!!


Have you tried these water bottles?

They are pretty awesome. They hold 20 ounces and rest in your palm. Surprisingly don;t bug at all. I could have run 20  miles it no prob!

Hope your Sunday is wonderful! I'm going to try to keep my little chin up!

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Brittany Campbell said...

Aw I'm sorry! I know it must be so hard to recover from your injury. Just remember that these things take time but you will get there before you know it! Stay strong! and Happy Anniversary!!

Lindsay said...

Hang in there momma. What a blessing to have a man that can cook! I need to find me one of them :) xoxo

Dani said...

What type of Garmin watch do you have?

Christy said...

What?? How?? You've been resting so long. Hang in there. It'll heal!! I'm sorry lady!!!

Ben and I just finished watching the 2012 CrossFit Games on tv, today. It was awesome. You should watch some of it online. Great cross training!

Mendi said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry!

Susan said...

Girl, hang in there. It takes time to recover from such an injury.
That meal looks incredible.


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