First Pregnancy Belt Run

This was my first attempt running with the pregnancy support belt. It was okay but honestly I am right at that in between phase where my stomach is sticking out a little but not enough for this thing to stay put under it

Headband: BIC Bands

Well, I tried it anyway. I did a treadmill run at the gym at 7 PM and was exhausted. 


If I don't run before 8 am forget about it. It's not happening!!! Not to mention I hate the treadmill!!!!

So, I seriously have about 10 pairs of compression socks but not one single pair of sleeves. 

I am NOT a picky sock person so I have no complaints about the socks but I have always wanted to try a pair of sleeves. 
Look at these Zensah pink tie dyed ones! OMG!!!! Cute or what?????


Seriously what is wrong with me? 
long sleeve T: Oieselle
Compression Shorts: Aesperis
Compression socks: SLS

I ran 4 miles and wasn't feeling too hot. 
I think I'll take a few days off and work on my strength training plan. I have been majorly and I mean majorly slacking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

SOOOOOOOOOO..........................I will be back with my daily strength training plan including squats, planks, push ups and crunches if I can still do them without smashing the baby! 

Tell me about your workout's this week??? Any good exercises for me to include in my strength training program?

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Char said...

I've been thinking compression sleeves too & OMG I want that oiselle stripey too!! Can I ask what size you wear for comparison? I ordered a tank and got the wrong size and apparently suck at finding my size. Your face is too cute! I personally can run better in the morning too, but my sched doesn't usually allow for it (nor do our temperatures, yuck!)

fancy nancy said...

I tried the pregnancy belt at about 18 weeks and I was with you...not enough belly yet. I ended up just wearing compression shorts and capris for long runs and they worked awesome! Now that I am certainly big enough (32 weeks) I'm going to try out the belt again!!

Marion Green said...

Love that you are still rocking your workouts with the cute lil' baby bump Hanna! And I have never tried the socks, but I'm starting to see more of them around Denver on the running paths so I might give them a go!

Have a great weekend hun!
XO - Marion

ps - and cease this negative self-talk about your face! You're lovely xo

Elizabeth said...

Those compression sleeves are adorable!! Totally NEED a pair right now! :)
I finally moved my weight set from the dark, disgusting basement into the newly remodeled work out room. Priorities don't sit in the dark. :)

... said...

love the sleeves! so cute. Loving your blog are inspiring me to go for a run!!! xoxo Keep it up girl!


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