Monday's This and That's

Sunday Evening Pre fuel for Monday morning's run..............This is my excuse for eating ice cream at 10PM Saturday night!!!!

And of course a healthy dose of CLICK to start out my morning run!!!!!! Speaking of which my gal pal Skinny Runner is having a giveaway for CLICK on her blog. Go HERE if you want to enter.

Monday morning run was 3.4 miles with average pace of about 10:49. Pretty slow today. I felt like I had to pee the entire time and I was just sluggish this morning but I think that's just how it is when your preggo. You have good days and bad days and I'm okay with that! 

I wore my spanx shorts this morning under my capris to try and support that bump but I have found my compression shorts work MUCH better so I think I'll stick with those until it's time to use my belly support belt! 

So far I am LOVING my Brooks Pure Cadence Shoes!!!!! Not a single pain and they are marshmallow soft and comfy but I bet they only last 200 miles. I'll let know but this is my guess!!!! I might just have to invest in another pair if they wear out though. LOVE them so far! 

Some people had questions about what you do with this blue foam roller. This is how I roll out my hip flexors! 

Don't worry I have on boxer shorts under this tunic. It's not my underwear people!!!!!!!

This is how I roll out my calves!!!!! You should be able to roll out your back too but I haven't learned that one yet!


Oieselle Long Sleeve Running top with built in gloves!!!!! BEST TOP EVER!!!!! (if you haven't checked out Oieselle you NEED to! One of the best companies I've found in a long time! 
Are you kidding me? I would die and go to heaven and wear this every single day in the winter!!!!! 
Find it HERE

I really want THESE trail running shoes from Asics. Trail shoes are the ONLY thing missing from my running shoe collection and I am eager to get out there on the rugged terrain!!! Plus these are on sale! Oh and their pink and for over pronators.....can't go wrong!
What's the next thing on your MUST HAVE list????????? 

Please tell me I'm not the only shopaholic with no money to spend! 
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Char said...

OH you are not the only shopaholic with out money :) I have to be careful not to spend the money needed for food and daycare! I really am eyeing some tops from Oiselle too as well as from viewsport. OH and I NEED new shoes too, sigh. Happy Monday (or start of your week) to you!

Kenzie Smith said...

That ice cream looks so good, haha!
Looks like you are doing fabulous working out and running! I wish I were as motivated as you. I love your hot pink running shoes.

Lizzie said...

Oh my! Despite the fact that I don't have two pennies to rub together, I am dreaming of my very own garmin.....a girl can dream, right??
If I was rich I would also buy color-coordinated shoes for all my workout clothes........maybe it's just my OCD but I am convinced I run faster and longer when my shirt and shorts match my shoes. :)

Susan said...

Awwww you are looking adorable with your baby bump!!
I need to get my hubby the "right" running stuff. I'm sure he is missing tons and would probably add to his love if he had the right gear. He had an achilles injury two years ago so he needs to take it easy and stay protected. Suggest away!! Always showing him your blog. :)

Kristina said...

First off, you look fantastic. Look at that adorable bump! Yes I am a shopoholic who spends way to much when I shouldn't. Do you ever overspend to compensate for feelings when you are sad? I used to over eat when I was sad. Now I just overspend. Ugh


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