My Fall Racing Schedule!!!!!

SOOOOOOO........................I'm super excited on September 3rd I will participating in this 10K..................looks like mostly hills but a really small race and It's right down the street from my house!!!!!  YAY!!!!!! Now I just have to decided what skirt to wear. 

   This fun hot chocolate series race I think is 2 weeks later and an hour away. This one I am running with my hubby and a musician friend of ours so we're just going to do the 5K but should be really FUN!!!!!! Lot's of chocolate at the finish line!! 
Can't go wrong!!!!

AND .......................finally I am hoping I am feeling well enough at 21 weeks to run this half marathon. I was originally going to run the full and try to qualify for Boston but obviously that was before I got pregnant! SO I decided to downgrade to the half and go nice and slow!!!! 
This is a fast, flat course so I shouldn't have any troubles as long as my baby isn't Gigantic by then and pounding on my pelvis. So, we;ll see. If I don't think I can handle the half I'll do the 10 K!!!!!! 

So hurray for racing!!!!! 

Nothing gets me more excited!!!!! Honestly, I think it's one of the reasons I like running so much. The running community is out in full force and it;s so inspiring!!!! 

So, that's my fall racing schedule for you!!!!!!!!!!!
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Christy said...

Awesome! These look like fun races. I want to try the Hot Chocolate 15k here in Phoenix. It looked fun on SR's blog. You should find a race here in Arizona! Yes?

Here's to an injury free training!

PS. I just bought those awesome running shoes I've been dying to get. They are multi-colored happiness.


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