My Little Hearts

I had to stay home from work all week long because I was so sick. 

Finally after 6 days I managed to get out of my house and take the kids out. 

Poor little Ginger doesn't like getting her picture taken. 
She's shy! 

Milton is becoming quiet the handsome little monk.

They look more and more like twins everyday.

Pretty baby!

Cool Dude.

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Beth Ann said...

You need to get some zofran to help your sickness so you can feel better and work, girl. I had horrible "morning" sickness and worked as a nurse (nights) and zofran was all that got me through!

Cheyla Marie said...

Adorable pictures! Hope you're feeling better!

Jolene said...

Probably a silly question but what was your mileage for the week?

SaraRN said...

Love to see your sweet babies!

Susan Liberatore said...

EEek! They're both so adorable!!

Katie said...

I'm so sorry you are so sick! I remember that... not fun. How adorable are your babies?!


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