My Little Preggo Strength Training Routine

Okay so last week I decided that I needed a little strength training program that I could maintain along with my running while pregnant and I had a couple questions about, like,

 "what the heck is a donkey kick?" 

HA....I don't blame you, my terms are so accurate and well known:)

So, I made you a lovely little tutorial with the exception of a bicept curl and a girl push up. I figured we all knew how to for those!

*Plank 90 seconds (either elbow or full extension)
*60 Triceps lifts with 10 pound medicine ball (20 reps X 3)
*60 Bicep curls with 10 pounds free weight (20 reps X3)
                          *80 girly push ups  ( I figure I'm pregnant I'm allowed to wimp out a little, reps of 20 or 40)
*75 squats (40 set) (20 set) (15 set)
 *80 Donkey Kick leg lifts for the booty  (40 each side)

okay so what do you think???

Totally doable for a pregnant lady, right????
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Char said...

TOTALLY do able!! That is exactly what I do, were you evesdropping?!?! Way to go!! I call Donkey Kicks butt extenders, but I like your words better :)

Jamie Campbell said...

you can also put a 10 lb weight behind your knee cap when you do the donkey kicks.. that's what we do during our MUSCLE up class at the gym! and pulse up after the sets. it works!

girl... i wouldn't worry about planks too much. just sayin'. ;)

so glad you have motivation still! proud of you!

Heather said...

Ahh. I was wondering about donkey kicks too so I'm glad you gave us some pictures to show it! Especially because I'm not very good at interpreting written instructions.

I need to be more consistent with my strength training. I'll go for like a week where I'm super good and do lots of stuff every night and then it'll be a month before I pick it up again.

I'm excited to add the donkey kicks to my routine--my toosh could use a little help!!

Jane Craske said...

Hey girl! Just back from a summer hiatus and so happy to hear your hamazing news!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Do a couple more for me!

Susan said...

Totally doable!
I love those donkey kicks...good for the a...butt. :o


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