My Pregnancy Strength Training Program

Okay I punched my excuses in the face at 3am when I was awake with insomnia last night eating Greek yogurt and decided to try this little routine EVERY OTHER DAY. 

Starting Today!  (Uhhhhh, that is if I can stop feeling nauseated enough for 10 minutes to do it:(

Plank 90 seconds (either elbow or full extension)
60 Triceps lifts with 10 pound medicine ball (20 reps X 3)
60 Bicep curls with 10 pounds free weight (20 reps X3)
                          80 girly push ups  ( I figure I'm pregnant I'm allowed to wimp out a little, reps of 20 or 40)
75 squats (40 set) (20 set) (15 set)
 80 Donkey Kick leg lifts for the booty  (40 each side)
I've decided to TRY, key word, TRY to have my arms and quads stronger at the end of the pregnancy then they are now. 

This is how I operate. If I don't have goals, I won't accomplish anything. So here's to some good goal setting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Christy said...

I like how you always have goals. What's a donkey kick!??

collectionsofawanderer said...

Girl! Get at it! I'm jealous of how many bicep curls you can do. I use the 10 lbs but do about have that much. I'm working on my triceps a lot lately. The burn feels so good :)


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