On Life Lately

Life Lately Pregnancy Wise:

I think I'm 10 weeks but I feel like I'm 16. Seriously, I don't know if it's because it;s my third baby or what but I can already feel the little munchkin moving. I swear! 

And, I have become SOOOOOO aware of my body since loosing 115 pounds and becoming a runner that I can feel every single pound I am painfully gaining. It kind on sends me into a panic and then I just have to breathe and remember I'm pregnant but I can tell you I have already gained at least 5 pounds. BOOOO!!!!! 

When I run I can feel the backs of my arms flapping and my love handles jiggling! I'm not going to lie, I hate it! I have a really hard time gaining weight because I am so scared that I am going to just blow up like I did with mt other pregnancies! I hope I don't have to start restricting sugar because I'm not going lie, my sweet tooth had been RAGING and I Have been eating lots of dark  mint chocolate M&M's at work, like 2 bags per 12 hour shift! Oh and I wonder why I've gained weight. 

Life Lately Running Wise:
I don't think I have ever been so grateful in my life to be able to run again. I think I took 3 or 4 months off from running totally. That's a LONG time!!!!!! I am so happy that even though I'm pregnant I seem to be jumping right back into the game!!!

 I have 2 5K's coming up and either a half marathon or  10 K in October. I think I have to just wait and see how I am feeling at 20 weeks, hopefully good enough to run a half marathon but the reality is, I might be too darn big by then. My belly gets big FAST! 

On Marriage Lately:
I guess all I can say is, MY POOR HUSBAND! I get really grouchy when I'm pregnant. I forget how bad it is until I'm actually pregnant and then I go, ohhhhhhh this why I always complain so much and make my husband miserable! Poor man! 

I honestly don't mean to be a rotten pill of a wife but I just get so tired and I don't sleep and the 2 toddlers are both in the tantrum, talking back phase so it's time outs every 5 minuets. What can I say, I'm just overwhelmed and working 14 hours on my feet doesn't help anything! 

So I guess the point is I'M SORRY HUBBY! I love you to death and this too shall pass!!!!! 

On Stress Lately: 
I am so happy to report that this has gone down significantly. Ever since my mom offered to help on a monthly basis, I feel very relieved. We are still declaring bankruptcy but I think we'll feel a lot better once that happens. 

I have been trying to rest as much as possible even though it's virtually impossible with these two crazy toddlers. I had my first panic attack about the pain associated with child birth the other night. I can't believe it's starting so soon. I have had 100% natural childbirth with both my kids and I'm not going to lie, it hurts like the devil and gives me major stress just thinking about it. That pain will be forever burned on my brain. 

Overall the stress level is MUCH improved though and I am so grateful!!!!! 
Love you guys!!!! Thanks for listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh and is this not the cutest sweatshirt ever for runners!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm obsessed with it!!!!!!! Wear it ALL the time!!!!

Find it {HERE}
I'm dying to get my hands on this shirt too!!!!
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Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

Well... I think you look ADORABLE!!! But I hear you on not loving the gaining weight part. It's hard for me too. But we just need to keep reminding ourselves what a sweet little reason we have to gain:) My belly has POPPED... I'm 14 weeks but look 20..yikes!
Been thinking about you lately! glad to see you're doing ok:)
Have a great week girl!


Must have sweater!!! lol lol Love u Hanna!!!

Yo Momma Runs said...

Yes -- best sweatshirt ever! I'm glad that you are feeling less financial stress. That can really take over your mind and let negativity creep in all over. I'm glad you've found a solution that is bringing peace of mind! And I'm so happy you are back to running too! That feels so great. I wasn't a runner when I was pregnant, but I bet if you set a goal just to finish comfortably, no speed racing, you could do your half. Hungry Runner Girl said she wore spanx to help keep her belly more stable while running, and I thought that sounded like a great idea if you already have some of those. Also maybe compression shorts would work for that. Just some random thoughts.:)

Lindsay said...

Hang in there momma. You look GREAT.

Char said...

Love that sweatshirt & I too want that other shirt :) Keep it up. SOunds like things are all going pretty well. Hang in there :)

Susan said...

Dear Hanna,
Loved this.
And I want the body on that girl. She can keep the t-shirt in exchange. LOL.


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