I pray.........a lot!

These are some of the things I pray for 

I pray my kids the happiest childhood my husband and I can give them! 

I pray for a healthy baby! 

I pray for enough money to purchase a new car that all the kids can fit in.

I pray for a life long marriage filled with happiness.

I pray for a healthy baby bump

I pray for the ability to relax and enjoy every moment with my family instead of stressing.

I pray for the ability to let the stress of work totally go.................................much easier said than done!

I pray for the resources to send my kids to a good private school.
I pray for my family relationships to strengthen.

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Kittie Howard said...

Your prayers are beautiful. And with the rosy cheeks you've got, I think your baby bump is going to be a very healthy and happy baby.

Karly said...

Those are some wonderful prayers! I pray they are fulfilled!

Christy said...

You always look so put together and adorable. Here's to a stress free pregnancy and some yes answers to your wonderful prayers. :] When is your soonest race?

Petchie said...

I hope all of your prayers are answered!


Hanna said...

2 5K's at the end of Srptember and a 1/2 marathon or 10 K in October just depending on how I'm feeling!!!! I can't wait to race again!!!

Lindsay said...

AWW your little bump!! Bless your heart...SO SO proud of you! xo


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