Sunrise Run

I promise this is my last "only" about running post for the weekend. I will have a "real" post up tonight or tomorrow. 
I swear!!!!!!!!!!! 

But oh how I LOVE to run!!!!!!!!!

SUNRISE RUN!!!!!!!!!!! 

It felt soooooooo good to be outside again running. I am an avid outdoor runner. I really don't like the treadmill ever. I will run on it if I have to; if it's too hot or cold or I'm injured but otherwise no thanks. I'll run outside! 

I ran 5.38 miles with an average pace of 10:45. Hey, not bad for an old, pregnant, recovering lady!!!!

I already have pretty bad insomnia with this baby, just look at the bags under my eyes at 6am if you don't believe me! 

When I got home I stretched for 10 minuets and then rolled out my hip flexors on my blue foam roller for another 5 minuets. I am just really learning how to use this thing but I think it seems to really help! 

My hip flexors were the only thing sore from my 4 mile run. I am actually surprised that my legs are in such great shape thanks to all those spinning classes and squats I kept up with while I was injured. 

A HUGE than you to Melanie from Crib Creations. She sent me washable, handmade wipes and a gift card for $25 smackers!!!!!!!!!! 
Seriously, you are all too sweet for words. I am so grateful for you and hope you know it!!!!!!!

Anyone else suffer from insomnia while pregnant?

Anyone else use a foam roller? What are you thoughts on it?

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Christi Lynn said...

i love that you love to run!

SueAnn Lommler said...

What do the foam rollers do? Haven
t heard of them?

Char said...

Whoop, whoop to another great run!! Keep at it mama & stay safe!!

Christy said...

Awesome! You are always an inspiration. :]. So glad you can run again!!

LaurenLo{me}LoloLC said...

You look great!!

I started using a foam roller in physical therapy for my back from a work injury and I still have does work great. Seeing yours reminds me to get it out and work on my back, it's a mess again from working too much!


Jamie Campbell said...

foam roller = best invention ever. seriously.

Susan said...

Yes! I couldn't sleep when pregnant. And then of course, my little one wouldn't sleep through until 18 months. Still recovering and getting my body back into the rhythm of actually sleeping through the night!

Melanie Dohojda said...

So glad that you liked everything, I hope it all helps.


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