Take Your Power Back

Unfortunately, I have been virtually immobile according to me. I managed to run 20 miles this week but they weren't fun or fast or happy. I was lucky I had the strength to force them out and then half died when I got home.

This morning Sickness is seriously whooping my behind. It is taking ALL MY STRENGTH to get anything done. 
But I'm tough, I'm not a quitter, I just get up and try anyway.
So I got very lucky and found a pair of Asics trail shoes on SUPER SALE plus I happened to have a gift card to that particular online shoe shop so guess what???

They arrive today and they are pink and beautiful and made for over pronators just like me and I want to RUN.........................ALL OVER THE TRAILS...........................RUN.

So I am going to bed with a little prayer in my heart, a zofran in my belly, and hope that I will feel better at least one good day this week so I can try out those bad boys!!!

And I promise I will get some good trail running pics too!!!!! That's a promise! 

Sorry for not having more exciting posts but I've been bed bound most of the days and well, there just isn't anything going on!
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Melissa Knott said...

Yay for babies!!! I may be biased (being that I am expecting too) but they are the best.

Good luck with your morning sickness. I had it bad my whole first trimester, so I feel for ya.

Susan Liberatore said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're suffering. I know how it feels and it's awful.
Do they have diclectin in the U.S. yet? It wasn't approved for use for the longest time...

Christy said...

I don't know much about pregnancy, but hopefully the next trimester will be easier on you. I'm sorry you're so sick all the time.

And I looked at those trail runners too. I'm so very jealous!! I am biased to Asics right now, so that makes me even extra envious. Enjoy!!

collectionsofawanderer said...

Those shoes look awesome! I just bought some Brooks and seriously love them. A good pair of shoes can make a serious difference in your training. You knew that already though. :)


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