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Well, Ever since I have ripened to 13 weeks, I am not nearly as nauseated. And, with my new found appetite I have been eating everything in sight.

You know your pregnant when you have to get an "EMERGENCY" piece of chocolate cake while the kids are napping

Or a sugar cone dipped in Jimmy's after the kids go to bed

The mid day snack.............chocolate almond  milk

The hubby makes Fried Green Tomatoes from our Garden with Panko Bread Crumbs

And we serve it with remoulade sauce and greens from the Farmer's Market.

I've been meaning to do this for a long time. I finally made a little running nook for myself and a place to hang bibs and medals. I think it's pretty cute! 

You can find a similar running sign HERE

I painted Ginger's toe nails for the first time and she loved it! Please excuse stained, crumby carpet:) That's what happens when you have 2 toddlers!

My son happens to have the longest eye lashes on the face of the earth. He definitely didn't get them from me!

My hubby planting apple trees with the kids! Can't wait till they start producing fruit. 
I forsee MANY apple pies in our future! 

I have a 10K to participate in on Monday! YAY for racing!!!!! 

Anyone else have fun Labor Day Plans????
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Lindsay said...

Loving these little glimpses into your life. MMM Chocolate cake is my FAV :)

PoetessWug said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah........FRIED GREEN TOMATOES!!!!!....My attention span is sometimes limited...to southern comfort food! LOL

Char said...

Always wanted to try fried green tomatoes, yum! Cute, cute toe nails!! And goodness, maybe I'm pregnant too, I've been eating everything in sight too (I'm not, trust me!).

Kenzie Smith said...

Looks like someone might be craving chocolate :D yum!
I love your running sign! That is so neat!
Why do boys get the gorgeous long eyelashes?! My son has gorgeous thick eyelashes too!
Hope you had a great 10k run!


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