As you all know, I have a terrible addiction to compression gear....mainly socks

Anyhow I have always been curious and have been dying to try some Zensah compression apparel. So I decided to give them a shout and they were super nice and responsive and whipped me over a pair of adorable pink and black argyle compression socks over in 2 days. FAST I tell you!

Well, you all know I'm 12 weeks pregnant now and am recovering from an injury but I knew this week I would be getting back up to speed so I decided to test out my new Zensah's on a 9 mile sunrise run. 

It was glorious and so were the socks. Honestly, I would say they are my MOST padded compression socks I own. They are very thick and plush, definitely a nice foot cushion. I really liked the amount of compression too. Sometimes I have a hard time getting it just right. I thought these were snug but not too tight.

I wore them for the whole 9 miles and then stretched and recovered in them for about 20 minutes after as well. I couldn't be happier. 

Honestly, well done Zensah. You have a happy new fan here. In fact I may have to order a pair of your sleeves ASAP!!

I wanted to show a photo of the inside of the socks because they are SO PLUSH!!!! These socks are just super cozy. I'll be wearing these ALL fall and Winter for sure!!!!!!! 

Stretching it out!!!!!!

Here's a few caption's from my run.........it was GLORIOUS!!!! Thank you ZENSAH for making it extra special this morning!!!!!!!!
Anyone Else Currently Using Zensah? What Are Your Thoughts?
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Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I need to invest in more compression socks- I LOVE the one pair I own, but I would love to try others'. Plus, the argyle. super super cute!

Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl said...

I've never tried this brand and have been curious about them. This pair is really cute too!

Erica said...

Hey there Hannah! Congrats on the pregnancy and I am so glad to see you are doing well...and glowing too I might add :)

Lindsay said...

Pregnant and still exercising..your my hero :)

Susan said...

I feel like I should take up running just for the cute outfits! No? ;)

Char said...

I'm in love with compression socks but only have the 1 pair, need to invest in some more, plus I love the argyle!! Looking good!


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