Aspen Vista


We love to get the kids outside and get them used to regular exercise. 

We are so lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. 

ALL this is just 30  minuets in the car and the kids actually LOVE it. 

We hiked about 2 miles today. The farthest we've ever gone! It was great!

I mean just look at look breathtaking view! Ahhhhhh..............PARADISE! 

Earlier this morning I had gone on a slow 3 mile run. I have a 10K on Monday so I didn't wan to over due it!!

Anyone else have weekly hiking dates????

Or any races this weekend? DO TELL!!!!


Heather said...

That looks sooo fun and beautiful. We had a crazy day and I didn't get my run in which is a bummer, but I'm excited for Labor Day. We didn't hike or camp this year, mostly because our 7 month old is too heavy to carry for long (25 lb!) and obviously can't walk yet. Next year!

Heather said...

Must add that your two cuties look so darling walking down the trail!

Char said...

That is a lovely place to hike! I miss it! Hiking in 105+ degrees just isn't the same. I'm signing up for a 5k color run and 15k hot choc run in the fall/winter here :)

Melissa said...

The scenery is so beautiful! Looks like a wonderful place to take a hike!

Love the photos of the family!

Elizabeth said...

It's so awesome to see you teaching your kids to love being active at a young age!! :)

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

What nice photos of the kids and your whole family. You will REALLY have your hands full when #3 makes an appearance. Great hiking. Keep up the good work.

Lindsay said...

Such gorgeous pics Hanna!


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