Hearts For Honduras 10K Race Recap...14 weeks pregnant

I got up bright and early for the race this morning. 8am start time but I like to have a couple hours to get situated. like eating homemade peanut butter cups and CLICK.

I've been wearing my compression shorts under everything to keep my baby bump supported. I tried to wear a skirt over the top but it just ended up riding up. 
And WOW I didn't realize my bump was so noticeable. I think it's grown since last week. 

Me before leaving the house!
Then I decided to eat 2 pieces of toast and a homemade peanut butter cup to go with my protein drink. Maybe not the smartest.

Here I am ready to roll............Still in a good mood at this point! 

Bathroom break...TOTALLY necessary, especially for a pregnant woman. I had to pee from mile 1 on just for the record.


And I thought some other races were bad. 


Ugh, I guess that's what I get for paying $25 dollars

AANNNNND we're off!!!!! 

These were mostly the 5K people running all fast. After about 1 mile it began a slow, steady uphill climb that lasted the rest of the 6 miles. 

I WAS NOT HAPPY!!! and I ran very slow! BOO!!!!

1 hour 12 minutes 6.40 Miles (apparently they can't keep their distance straight but  my Garmin can)

I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm 14 weeks pregnant but somehow I don't care, 

I want to run fast!
Somehow I still have a smile on my face but I assure it's for the picture only! 
This race was on $25 dollars so I am very surprised that they has a schwag bag at all. It had a granola bar, a pen and pill case from the hospital I work for. Not bad.
ANNNNDDDD The best news is they had really nice BROOKS technical T's included in that price. 

I always need baggy T's to run in. 
So I didn't get a medal but I did get another bib to add to my little wall. L*O*V*E

Oh 6.40 Miles..........1 hour 12 minuets

So this race was 90% uphill and 25 MPH winds. I had a little nit of a hard time but to be honest I think it's my weight. I must have gained 10 pounds by now, I stopped weighing myself because I was getting upset.

I KNOW,  I KNOW. I AM PREGNANT!!!!!! I have been told a million times but that is not excuse to get as big as a house. 

Everyone tells me, just enjoy it, well guess what????   it's my third pregnancy, it's NOT enjoyable to be HUGE and OBESE!!!!!

I might start to restrict some sweets. I am starting to feel really heavy, lethargic and just not healthy. 
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Jamie Campbell said...

great job on the race! you did it.


don't be so hard on yourself! embrace it. you are a rockstar

Candice said...

I think your time was great. I would love to be able to run that fast. You rock! And yes, I have to agree with those that said, You're pregnant. I think you look great! You are not as big as a house. If you want to cut back on sweets, I guess that's okay, but make sure you eat enough calories for your little babe and you! :)

pipersrun.com said...

Congrats on your run! That's awesome. Just think, MOST women don't even exercise during their pregnancy and look at you, running a 10k at 14 weeks! I did two 5k's in my first trimester and my time was off but was completely happy to have been able to run them (especially since I can no longer run at 26 weeks).
Great job girl!

Erica said...

I think your AMAZING for even attempting this pregnant! It just goes to show you that you can't be held down. Good for you, keep on runnin' girl!

Susan Liberatore said...

I can't believe you ran a marathon at 14 weeks pregnant. In awe.
I also can't believe you have not sent me one of those homemade peanut butter cups via mail. I am sure it would make it. I don't mind licking it out of the envelope.

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! WAY TO GO WOMAN!! Don't even think about getting down on yourself for going slow, or feeling huge or blah, blah, blah! You ran a 10k while pregnant! WOOOOOHOOOOO!
I mean, seriously! Be proud!!

Yo Momma Runs said...

Amen. Being pregnant is never fun for me. Every food item makes me want to vomit. I feel huge and gross. It's worth it, but I want to unfriend everyone who says they LOOOOVE being pregnant. I love adding life to the world, but being pregnant is not my favorite.

Great job at this race. It sounds like a tough one, and you did it in your 2nd trimester. Awesome job!

Paulette said...

You did it - it can't be easy to run pregnant at all. Don't be so hard on yourself girl, congrats. :)


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