Inspirational Interview with Heather, Just a Colorado Gal

Please welcome Heather from Just a Colorado Gal. She is an outdoors enthusiast and an avid runner. I just love her blog and I have a great interview for you today!!!!! 

Take it away Heather!!!

1. Why did you start running? 
I spent the first 20 years of my life as a competitive dancer, so running typically meant that we were in trouble! However, in 2007 I decided I wanted to do a triathlon, and running is obviously a component. That's how it all got started!

2. How long Have You Been Running? 
I guess I could say I've been a runner my entire life, but I didn't actually start competing in 10ks and half marathons until 2008. If I'm looking at when I started clocking serious mileage, I'd go with that year.  

3. Does running interfere with your "day job" or being a stay at home mom? When do you have time to train? 
I'm fortunate enough to have a job that is super flexible. My family owns a landscaping company of which I am the manager. This allows me to somewhat dictate my own schedule, which makes training a lot easier than it is for many others. The bad part is that I am *totally* a morning runner and that is the one time of day when I do actually need to be at the office. Sigh. (Talk about a First World Problem, right?!)

4. How many miles a week do you run and do you follow a specific training plan? 
My weekly mileage really depends on what/if I am training for anything. I spent this entire summer ramping up for the Denver Rock 'n Roll Marathon in a few weeks (which I am no longer running due to injury), and my weekly mileage was roughly 25-30 miles/week. If I'm not training for a specific race and simply using running as a way to stay active and keep me in good shape for climbing mountains, I'll usually stay in the 10-15 miles/week zone.

5. How Many Races a Year do you Run and What's Your favorite Distance? 

I usually participate in at least a dozen races each year, although not all of them are solely running. Some are adventure races where running is a component, and others are cycling events or triathlons. For 2012, I was registered for 9 running-only events, ranging from a 10k all the way to a marathon. If I absolutely had to choose, I think my fave distance is the half marathon. It's long enough to be a challenge but short enough that you don't have to allow running to dictate your entire life!

6. Tell us What Your Favorite Marathon of all time was. I know a HARD question. 
Welp, that's an easy question for me since I've never run a full! Like I said, Denver RnR was supposed to be my first, but due to a weird injury sustained during the GTIS half marathon, I won't be running. I will be attempting my first-ever marathon+ in January though! I'm headed to Haiti to run a 29.2 mile race as part of a non-profit called Mission 29.2. I'm super excited, although 29.2 miles sounds wicked long. Nothing like jumping from 13.1 to 29.2 in six months, right?! (If anyone is wanting to possibly help out, feel free to check out this link!)

7. Do You have a Partner/husband and do they run as well? 
I am still single so most of my runs happen with my dog, Tally. She is just over 6 years old, so she doesn't do the long hauls anymore, but she loves to come on the shorter distances. She is a bit out-of-control though, so I really have to be in the mood to deal with her shenanigans :)

8. How Does it make you feel to be such an accomplished runner? Let's face it Woman, You run FAST! 
Haha, actually, no, I don't! I'm like a snail; I don't have a single fast twitch fiber in my being! My current goal is to eventually break 2 hrs in the half marathon which is most definitely not fast. However, I do love to run, so I feel accomplished anytime I get out there and do it. I probably feel the best when I set new PDRs (like I will in January!) or when I finish an especially tough trail run. Best feeling ever!

9. Do You Have Just a Few Tips for any of my Readers who are not Runners but desperately want to be? 
I am not a natural runner at all. In fact, running has always and will always be hard for me. However, that is exactly why I love it and that's the challenge that keeps me coming back for more. Remember that it hurts everyone at first, but the pain and suffering will gradually subside and elation and runner's high will take their place. I would also advise everyone to get outside and run! Being outside and enjoying the outdoors is so much more enjoyable than being stuck on a treadmill at the gym -- for me, it's almost like it's an entirely different sport!

10. I am desperate to work on my speed. One of my biggest goals is to qualify for Boston. Any Advice on Speed work and what works for you? 

Um, I'm not fast so apparently NOTHING works for me! I do incorporate occasional track workouts into my training plans, but I really feel like strength training is my best go-to if I want to try to pick up my pace. I notice that legs can just take a bit more of a beating! 

11. Do you follow a specific diet plan or just try to eat healthy to keep your weight down?
I am definitely not someone that follows a diet plan at all. I try to eat healthy in my daily life, but I really believe that moderation is the key to everything. I'm not going to make myself miserable over chocolate cake, just for the sake of knocking 20 seconds off my time. In fact, the running joke is that I was one of those training for a marathon that was actually gaining weight because I could not stop eating!!

12. Please tell us what cross training you do to keep in such amazing shape. 
I actually prefer to say that I use running as my cross training so that I am able to participate in all of the outdoor activities that I love. On average, I love to get out hiking, cycling (mountain or road), backpacking, mountaineering,skiing, snowshoeing and occasionally rock climbing. I'm looking at some exciting adventures in the coming year or two that will tie in my love for outdoors and endurance events, so stay tuned!

13. Do you plan on running races for the rest of your life? 
Absolutely. My mom just ran her first-ever half marathon with me in August, and she is 56. I'd love to be truckin' along like her when I get older!

14. If you ever had the chance to go pro would you take it? 
Hell yes! But since I am shooting for a 2 hour half marathon, I think we can both agree that will never happen :)

15. What are your favorite things about running? 
There is absolutely nothing quite like the runner's high! That feeling of elation and total body endorphin overload is something that cannot be beat!



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Colorado Gal said...

Again, I am so flattered that you asked me about this-- thank you!

Tiffany said...

You girls are awesome! I HATE running. I know, I know, don't stone me. But I hate it. It is great to see you enjoy it so much!


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