Inspirational Interview with Runner Katie Edwards

Today I have a GREAT interview with a blogger and runner I find to be very inspiring, Katie Edwards. She has a blog called Msfit Runner

I have been following her for a few months now and find her ambition for running amazing as well as her speed and athletic ability. SO I was thrilled when she agreed to be interviewed. 

Have a I mentioned I could talk about running all day long my friends!!!

SO without further ado, here she is Katie Edwards, Msfit Runner

1. Why did you start running?
I really just started running as a form of exercise.I played sports in high school so running was always a part of everything, but i Never did it for any great distance or time. My go to cardio machines were  the step mill/revolving stairs. I live don those machines in high school/collage/early 20's. My husband and I went out on a run with the girls in the double jogger on day, and we ended up running ten miles. I'll never forget it, it was memorial day weekend 2008, and I was on top of the world. I thought I was going to die afterwards and   was so slow but the feeling of accomplishment that I had after that was amazing. I think that stuck with me and that's why I always came back to running. Right after that I signed up for my first marathon in 2008.Completely clueless, I trained, ran, and stopped running consistently right after that, really until my son was born in 2010. There is no other cardio than running that has made me feel so good as running. I did a half Marathon after my son was born and did pretty well and that's when I was rally hooked. I was a runner

2. How long Have You Been Running?
I started running just a little bit just before I got pregnant with my first baby in 2006.  I think I was maybe up to three miles at one time, and it wasn't easy.  I got pregnant and that was the end of fit. I worked out but did not run.  I picked it up on a consistent  basis after I had my third baby in early 2010.

3. Does running interfere with your "day job" or being a stay at home mom? When do you have time to train?
I am a full time stay at home mom. The kids come first, always. Running doesn't interfere because little munchkins take priority. Running works around them. I used to run with the girls in a double jogger. Now I get up early and run or run the evening. I have to get creative to fit it in. I belong to a gym but it doesn't have a daycare, so that;s not an option. I make it a priority. Being a stay at home mom and a runner are mutually exclusive. They don;t cross paths in the sense that running doesn't interfere with mothering.  If anything mothering interferes with running. I'm kidding. Kind of. If I didn't have kids it would be a heck of a lot easier to fit in running but that's not how I would want it. It keeps my day full and alive to fit the  running in around every one's schedule. It's just part of my life.

4. How many miles a week do you run and do you follow a specific training plan?
I usually run between 45/50-60 miles a week. This year is the first year I have kept track of my miles on a weekly basis. I could not tell you my year to date miles. My current weekly miles is definitely my highest ever. I did not keep track ;last fall when training but it was definitely over 40, it's a lot of work to get 40 mile sin with  family. I loosely follow a training plan when I am training for a marathon. I use it more as a guide and do my best to follow it, to do similar training. For example if it gives a specific speed workout, but I can;t get to the track I will at last make it a hard effort workout run. Right no I am following a plan from the advanced marathoning book by Pete pfitzinger, which I highly recommend for any runner of any level.

5. How Many Races a Year do you Run and What's Your favorite Distance?
My favorite distance is probably the marathon. I have run 5 marathons, and 4 of them were in the past 10 months. Every time I run one I finish thinking, I will never so this again. Bu by the time I go to bed that night I am usually planning the next one. I love the challenge, I love the intense training, I love the distance, I love the feeling after. I also really love half marathons. They are still a great distance, very challenging and fast, bu the recovery isn't as rough and the training isn't as intense. I'm generally always in half marathon shape, so I can do them whenever, whereas a marathon takes more preparation and planning.

6. Tell us What Your Favorite Marathon of all time was. I know a HARD question.
This is a tough one. Like I said I have only done a handful of marathons, a lot of 5K's and a handful of other distances. I haven;t done Any races that draw super huge crowds, so as far as my favorite I would say the Harrisburg marathon that  ran in the fall of 2011. I twas 4 weeks after  my first marathon in 3 years. I wasn't super happy with the race so I signed up for this one 4 weeks later. What I loved about this race is that I had no expectations other to run this race and run my BEST on that day. Looking back I had gotten away from the mentality and it had ruined me for a bit. Bu that is how I need to run, and that is how I am happy racing. No pressure, no crazy expectations-except to give it my all on that day, and that is enough. 
I drove down to PA by myself, ran the marathon and got a 6 minute PR over the one I had done 6 weeks prior. I did that INSANE IT band pain- like my leg did not want to be part of the race from mile 14 on. Sharp shooting pain in my knee and it would just give out on me at any given moment. But what I loved is that I did not give up. I know my body and I  know  my pain thresh hold. I was going to finish that race. I knew I wasn't doing major damage and it was brutally hard and I was so proud for finishing, without stopping to walk, and getting second place female with a time of 3:11. This race is a big reminder to ME all the time when it gets hard and I don't; want to give anymore. I remember that race. Every race has a purpose. That one was to teach me to dig deep,not give up and that I am stronger than I think I am.

7. Do You have a Partner/husband and do they run as well?
I have been married for 7.5 years and he does run as well. He runs ultra marathons- He started out with the 50 mile trail races and has moved on to the 100 mile trail races. I will be running those with him soon enough I hope.

How Does it make you feel to be such an accomplished runner? Let's face it Woman, You run FAST!
I guess I just feel like a runner, nothing special. It is rewarding to see the work pay off. I enjoy running so much, that combined with my competitive spirit it drives me to want more. I guess I am always wanting FASTER and MORE accomplished, so I feel like I am just beginning this whole running thing. It is always nice to feel good at something, but even then there are always faster people, which keeps me humble and working hard.

9. Do You Have Just a Few Tips for any of my Readers who are not Runners but desperately want to be?
Absolutely. #1 Don;t play the comparison game. If you are a newbie, you are obviously not going to be running miles at a time, like some other runners you may know. But the cool think about running is that you can see major improvement in distance and speed  if you stay consistent. So stick with it. Start slow and steady, stay slow and steady and you will increasingly built strength and endurance.
#2 invest in a good pair of sneakers. If you are serious about running go get fitted for a good pair of running shoes at a reputable running shop- have a gait analysis done.
#3 Believe in yourself. The moment you put the sneakers on, step out the door, and take a few strides, you are a runner. Claim it. Say it to yourself. You don;t have to be an Olympic  marathoner to be a runner. If you call yourself a runner, you will be a runner and you will be more likely  to follow through and make it part of your life. Don't; wait for it to fit into your schedule, fit it in your schedule. Make it happen. Make it a priority. I could go on and on but there are a few things to get you started.

10. I am desperate to work on my speed. One of my biggest goals is to qualify for Boston. Any Advice on Speed work and what works for you?
Speed and rest. You must have hard workouts. I didn't get this concept until recently. Work your absolute hardest on speed/workout days and take it easy on the recovery days. You should have at least one to two workout days per week. Taking it really easy on the recovery days allows you to work really hard on the hard days. I like the one/two rule. One hard day of running filled by two easier days-a recovery day and a general aerobic running day. Then back to another workout/hard day. A workout could be a tempo run, speed intervals at the track, fartleks, anything where you are pushing your pace. Know that is it going to be tough.Mentally plan on pushing yourself to uncomfortable and also know that the next day will bring rest and recovery.

11. Do you follow a specific diet plan or just try to eat healthy to keep your weight down?
I do not follow a specific plan or count calories or anything, or really worry about my weight.This could eb a whole post on it's own because your diet impacts so much of your ability to perform, but I really try to eat whole foods, clean foods, very little sugar, no dairy, no soy( I have Hashimotos hypothyroid so I stay far away from soy products.) and very little  meat. I do like to have a protein drink everyday, and ad found a protein that is dairy and soy free, which I absolutely LOVE. It's called plant Fusion. I eat 3 small meals and a few snacks a day. I don't like to eat protein bars and processed food. It is so hard for some people but IF you just put the effort in for a couple weeks to clean up the dirt, it gets so much easier and the craving for unhealthy foods are not there anymore.

12. Please tell us what cross training you do to keep in such amazing shape.
I love the StairMaster,mainly because I have one at my house and it's so convenient but given a GREAT workout. I also love the stair climber at the gym and I will do the elliptical too. I'm a big fan of Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred and Jackie Warner's DVD. I love strength training and think it's really important for runners, especially the quad strength and core strength- but I like to keep it basic. I don't so Cross Fit or any other crazy workouts- keep it simple. I often grab the weights and workout in the driveway or the backyard while the kids are playing. I don't have time for complicated.

13. Do you plan on running races for the rest of your life?
I want to run for a LONG time:) I want to be the 60 year old winning age group or better, placing overall:)

14. If you ever had the chance to go pro would you take it?
I would absolutely take It. To do something that I love full time would be a dream.It may sound crazy, but to be able to train and run 100+ miles a week would Be amazing. I can barley fit in 55 miles a week right now, and could not fathom being able to this hobby as a living. So I just work with what I've got and love it.

15. What are your favorite things about running?
The adorable running skirts and sneakers. Okay that's an added bonus. I love the runner's high. I love the therapeutic aspect of it.I joke that I either see my therapist every week so I get my running in. But in all reality running keeps my sane. It balances me. It's me time. I can think, I can pray, I can be alone and come home refreshed and filled and ready to handle life. Being a stay at home mom to three little ones is no stop. I love it more that anything in the world, and I love that I can go out for a run and come back home truly be a better mom, not to mention the great example of health I am portraying for my children. They are every active and LOVE to run with me.

A H*U*G*E thank you to Katie for sharing her story and her adorable family with us today. Now get over there and check out her BLOG. It's a must follow!!!!!

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Heather said...

What a great interview, you're right she is very inspiring! And she had some great advice and insight! I love her perspective on balancing running and her family.

Char said...

Super inspiring!! Thanks for sharing. I too (especially being a full time working mom) have to fit in running where I can. Mothering and work and family come first, but I'm finding balance. Great interview!!!

Jamie Campbell said...

I have Hashimotos too! Thanks for posting.. :)


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