Meet Braologie....AND GIVEAWAY!

First, a little background about us. Our brand is Braologie, which specializes in bra fitting and our own exclusive line of shapewear (functional lingerie) that provides proper fit for improved posture.

Braologie has developed a unique way of bra fitting compared to conventional techniques that are out there. We not only can give you the perfect size remotely by answering a few quick questions, we also give you a detailed evaluation on your current posture and how we can help you improve it based on what products we provide you with and teach you how to wear them properly. No more shoulder pains, bad backs breast reductions and other problems that are associated by a badly fitted and supported bra..

I had no idea that having good posture had anything to do with my undergarments and I frequently have back and shoulder pain. I also am totally guilty of wearing baggy $12 nursing bras from Wal-Mart.

 I am so glad that Tallia from Braologie contacted me and asked me to participate in this fascinating fitting. I am already in L*O*V*E with my products. 

And lets just say they make me look way hotter than I really am. Gotta love that!!!!!!

OKAY, So here is the shortened list of all my posture problems!!! 

After analyzing the information submitted, our Braologie Guru spotted couple of points 
that can be improved, these are:
*Your head should appear positioned over the thorax-neither pushed forwards 
*nor pulled back. According to your lateral posture, it is appeared that your head 
is pushed forwards. A forward head posture can increase the strain placed on 
the soft tissues and may result in neck, shoulder and upper back pain and 
*An increase in the normal curvature of the cervical spine.
*An exaggerated kyphosis in the thoracic spine. People with kyphotic postures 
often have neck and shoulder pain.
*Extra fat accumulating throughout your arms, underarms and back. (THIS ONE'S MY FAVORITE)
*Back is wide in proprotion to the shoulders and excess fats spilling out on the 
sides of the bra. (OH AND THIS ONE)
*Breasts are displaced to your sides considerably and chest line is relatively low.
*Breast tissues near underarm is spilling out from the sides of bra. 
*Abdomen is protruded.
*The curve of your lumbar region appears inconsiderably abnormal. There is 
possibility of lower back curves inwards more than it would naturally do.
*Thighs are big in porportion to your body. 

You can see the full report with the photos I sent in HERE. Mind you this was when I was 7 weeks pregnant and now I'm 14 weeks . But wait till you see the after photos. 

So here are the 3 items they recommended for me to use to fix my posture

This is How You Wear It:
1. Better result: Wear the bra first, second with the bodysuit and finally the mini vest.
2. Second best: Bra first and a bodysuit on top.
3. If you want to go casual but still remain a good posture, wear the bra and a mini vest on top.

They provided me with exact directions on how to wear the bra HERE
On how to wear the mini vest HERE
and how to wear the body suit HERE

The tutorials above are really CUTE......Make sure you check them out!!!!! 

Look at These before pictures HERE @ 7 weeks 

THE AFTER @ 14 weeks PREGGO!!!!!!! VOILA!!!!!!

Can't even tell I'm in my second trimester can you?

FLAT AS A PANCAKE!!!!!! AND comfortable I might add!!!!
                                        BEFORE                AFTER

A HUGE thank you to Tallia from Braologie!!! 

Honestly I love my products and will be wearing them from years to come!!!!! 

SO GUESS WHAT??????? TALLIA has been so generous she is offering to give 5 YES 5 of you a chance to get analyzed to see how your posture can be improved and get some sample products of your own!!!!!!! 


#1 Please visit Braologie  here.
#2 Please Tell me why you would like to be analyzed for Braologie.
#3 You may like Braologie on Facebook.
#4 You may become a follower of mine on facebook.

Please leave your email and name in your comments


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Joanna said...

Hi Hanna!

I had no idea they made bras that could help your posture! I'd love to be analyzed because between being abnormally large up top for my frame size and being at a desk constantly, my posture is totally shot.

Yes, I'm chair shaped. And I could use all the help I could get!

Melinda T. said...

Hello Hanna! I enjoy your posts and this one is very interesting! I have visited the Braologie site and it is intriguing. I would love to have a posture evaluation and fitting because I HAVE NEVER HAD A BRA THAT I THOUGHT WAS COMFORTABLE! Seriously. Sorry to yell but I feel strongly about them. It is ridiculous that bras are SO uncomfortable. And believe me I can't go without. My third entry is that I have friended you on Facebook a long time ago. So we're friends, kind of!

Hope I win....Lord knows I could use a new bra!


Melinda T. said...

I would like to add that I have lost 30 pounds in the past year and a half and am currently wearing bras that my cousin gave me as cast offs. Sad sad sad sad.

<3 Melinda T.

Anon*RN said...

Hello Hanna! Love keeping up with your blog and YES, I think I could definitely use a Braologie consult.
The site is very informative and I am very impressed with the pictures of you wearing the garments.

I know I have questionable posture after years of being a RN! Plus being top heavy, bras have been a problem my ENTIRE life.

I rotate between three bras that are all at least 3-4 years old - two beige and one black. Though they are stretched and worn, I don't replace them because I HATE shopping for bras. Never a pleasant experience! (there, I told you one of my deep dark secrets!) :)

Also a follower on Facebook :)

Sundaro said...

Neck pain
Spilling over under arms
Braologie HELP
Saundra Hazellief Rohn

cpage2323 said...

seems like a great company. i have horrible posture and would love to try this out. thei company sounds great. thanks for the chance.

p.s. i already follow you on fb (tina wofford page)
trixie420247 at yahoo dot com

Miss Traci said...

I would absolutely LOVE to win this. being a 38DDD (yeah, triple d) is a pain in the ass - NOTHING ever fits (and i have to shop in Lane Bryant when nothing else in that store fits me - seriously, i'm not plus sized just my tatas are!) and my back hurts all the time. I'm also fairly convinced that the weight of my breasts is a contributing factor to my chronic migraines.
I bought a Bic headband after reading your recommendation here and I just LOVE it, so I don't expect this company to be a letdown either! I must say, you look gorgeous at 14 weeks too, by the way :)
Following you on FB too!
Traci Horschel

Kristin said...

Hi, Hanna! I visited Braologie. I need more info. MORE MORE MORE! I really need to find out more about these folks. I think they might save me.

wowknk at gmail dot com

Kristin said...

I would love love LOVE to be analyzed by Braologie because I have NEVER been expertly fitted for a bra. I am 41, I've had 4 kids, I've gained weight and lost weight, I've had multiple surgeries, I have multiple health issues (including back injuries) I am pretty sure I shouldn't be wearing the same old bras (or bra size) regardless of all the issues/changes my body has undergone.

HELP ME!! :)

wowknk at gmail dot com

Kristin said...

Of course I like you on Facebook (Kristin K). How silly!

wowknk at gmail dot com

lovejoy_31 said...

I desperately need this because the last "professionally fitted" bra I have literally bruised me both on my shoulders and under the wire. HORRIBLE. I took it off on the way home from work the last time I wore it.

Elizabeth said...

Hmmm........fascinating! I'm all about good bras, because the girls need to be looked after properly. Since I HATE bra shopping, this is never fun. :)
I would love to be fitted by BRAOLOGIE because I have never been properly fitted for bras. I am a difficult size the fit (very narrow band width (I sound like the internet. dumb) for my cup size.

skinnyrunner said...

basically because i want to look like the girl in the picture.

Yo Momma Runs said...

Wow, they thought of everything. I love that their directions say to lift the excess and tuck it in. That mini vest is a cool idea. Very awesome stuff!

I'd love to be analyzed because I buy all my bras at TJ Maxx, and bras just might be one of those things where you get what you pay for.:) I could definitely use a lift after nursing four kids too.

And of course I already follow you on the Facebooks!

Stephanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Farmer Jo said...

I am struggling with my post baby body and love the idea of a helping hand :)


Mendi said...

Being a 38DD I can use all the help I can get. My hubby is always telling me to put my shoulders back and while I would love to "the girls" are just so that I hurts too much to spend too much time like that.

Mendi Davis

PS - Follow you on facebook

jolene's spot said...

wow! I would love to win. I have Scoliosis so I am always looking for ways to improve my posture. :) Although I am a little flat now since nursing 2 children for 17 months a piece. lol

jolene's spot said...

wow! I would love to win. I have Scoliosis so I am always looking for ways to improve my posture. :) Although I am a little flat now since nursing 2 children for 17 months a piece. lol

Sandy a la Mode said...

ummm i have HORRIBLE posture so totally need this!

Sandy a la Mode

Sandy a la Mode said...

follow you on facebook (sandy chang)!

Sandy a la Mode

Jayden's mom said...

I did all of the above!
I already follow you :)

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try these out!! As I'm on my weight loss journey (AND TRYING TO NOT LOOK LIKE THE FAT BRIDESMAID) I would love something that would help me look better!
My posture has changed greatly after having kiddos and this would help me correct that!!!!

Anon*RN said...

Went to the Braologie FB page and "liked" it too! Aching from not sleeping well last night...ugh. Hunching over my computer during the day isn't helping either. Neither is the excess adipose tissue spilling over the sides of the bra.


Melinda T. said...

Oooh, yeah, I am a follower of Braologie on Facebook now too! Where have they been my whole life? Ohmygoodness, bras are torture devices. Feeling hopeful!


Melinda T.

Stephanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sara said...

This is SUPER interesting, a bra to help with your posture!?! Sign me up! Looks awesome!


lola said...

hello :)

i'm not sure what size braologie goes up to, but i'd love to be analyzed! my boobs are HUGE and my back always hurts, and my shoulders are indented from the straps.

m&msmommy said...

I would love to be analyzed because I have the worst posture ever so I would love to win this! :)

m&msmommy said...

And of course I "follow" you on Facebook :)

Nicki said...

Better posture . Maybe that is the reason for the back pain and then of course with the huge DDD I have. I think your weight loss is totally inspiring and it's a pity we didn't get to meet before I moved to NC.

erin.nicole said...

I have terrible posture, so I think this could seriously help me! A straight back and shoulders are something I keep working for, but I always go back to slouching :(

erin.nicole said...

I also follow you on FB (as Erin Brady) !

Sandy said...

Great post!! I need this so bad!!!!! I know my posture is bad and so does my back! Thanks for the opportunity :-)


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