Second Trimester 9 Miler. BRING IT!

WAKEY.....WAKEY........4AM........LONG RUN DAY 

(BTW a long run is around 10 miles for me now that I'm in second trimester. it used to be 15-20)

This is ABSOLUTELY my motto and honestly I think it works 
wonders. It ALWAYS has for me!!!!!!! 

Every10-20 mile run I have started out WAY before dawn and the first hour or so I'm still sleeping and running. I told you, running and sleeping has become my specialty as evidenced by exhibit A below!!!!!!!!

Okay time to get some protein and caffeine so I can partially open one eye!!!!!!! Every tried CLICK? If not, it's AWESOME!!!!! I am totally addicted!

Now try to get this into my mind set before I walk out the door in the early morning darkness while dragging ass.

I bought one of these shirts a few months back because it was too funny to pass up. Find it HERE.

That was the time I went to bed, obviously not the time I woke up.........My best friend, my Garmin!!!!!

So, I originally bought these Asics Gel Khana 6's for trail shoes. Well I don't run in the street much, I run on  biking paths that are a little more rugged but nothing like a rock, dirt trail but I have found that I L*O*V*E them for everyday wear. Might just get another pair if they wear out!

I hate to wear the traction out on a Good pair of trail shoes but what can I say I love to run in them so too bad.

Just a few view from my run


This is where I live!!!

LOVE this old painted caboose

Oh, I forgot to tell you, with in the first 4 miles I had to pee 6 times. YES 6 TIMES!!!!! 


Finally around mile 6 some nice gas station attendant felt sorry for me because I told him I was pregnant and he let me use the bathroom or he just thought I was crazy for looking like that at 5am.

SO the verdict................9.13 Miles in 1 hour 33 minuets. It could have been worse especially with 7 bathroom breaks! 

So then later I decided to FINALLY try a pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks for the very first time and I hated it! 
It obviously had orange food coloring in it. GROSS and it didn't even taste like Pumpkin. Waste in my opinion!!! I'll make my own pumpkin espresso drink that will blow that nasty thing out of the water.
As we speak I'm making the darkest chocolate brownies you've ever seen (FROM SCRATCH) and some pumpkin and biscochito pin wheels! 

BROWNIE RECIPE HERE except add 1/2 cup special dark Hershey's powdered cocoa

Any good runs this weekend or any good baking going on ???
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7 comments: said...

I need those brownies!

Elizabeth said...

oh my gosh, I was already in the baking mood and now I'm over the top!! thanks a lot!! :) I'm away from home so it's not even possible to accomplish.
You are the first person to dislike the pumpkin latte at Starbucks! WOW! Everyone else I know think it is to DIE for. I have yet to try it- now I'm a little bit nervous!!

Erica said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the PSL from Starbucks! I tried my first last year because of all the hype and just couldn't bring myself to drink the "orange substance!"

Alesha said...

Wow! I love dark chocolate and brownies! Do you think you could share the recipe?

fancy nancy said...

I made pumpkin cupcakes to celebrate my daughter's first week of school this weekend. Just a box cake mix and a can of pumpkin puree no oil or yum-o! I love the shirt!!! They are awesome! You totally need the one they have that says "This is not a speedbump and I'm not slowing down"! I was going to get it but never I only have 3 weeks left before my speed bump is on the outside!!

Christy said...

Nice long run! And glad you like your Asics too. I still want to try your Brooks out, but I haven't gotten there yet.

I'm definitely trying those brownies out -- YUM!!

Char said...

Looking good on your run!! Will def have to try the brownies. Way to go mama, you're doing awesome!!


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