The 17 week Questionnaire


I just want to take a moment to let you all  know how wonderful my husband has been. We have decided as a family he should probably go and get a part time job and he has been out here pounding the pavement every moment that he doesn't have the kids. I am so grateful to him. I really did marry a wonderful man who will support me and our children no matter what. 

Thank you Hubby. I love you and I appreciate you!!!!

How far along? 17 Weeks

Baby’s Size: Not Sure

Weight Gain: 20 pounds, YUP 20 big ones and EVERYONE feels the need to chime in about it which infuriates me. I am already sensitive about my weight and I'm pregnant for crying out loud. Not to mentionit's my THIRD baby in 3 years. What do you expect??? I went to my OBGYN and she was like, "well you know you have already gained 20 POUNDS!!!!! HELLO I KNOW!!!!! I eat sensibly and ran 20  miles a week until 2 weeks ago. Now I walk two miles a day so what do you want me to do? I was a size 4 before I got pregnant. Can't get too much smaller than that. It's like they make you feel like a criminal and like your hurting your baby. I'm not even that big for crying out loud. I don;t know. I suppose I am just sensitive but I am SICK.AND.TIRED.OF.IT!!!!!!


Bellybutton: in

Stretchmarks: just a million old ones

Maternity Clothes: Last week I had to pull out the maternity bottoms but I can still mostly wear normal tops.

Names: If it's a boy we will name him after my bother, if it's a girl we finally have one name kinda picked out and no I won't tell until he/'she is born.

Gender: Surprise baby

Movement:Yes, last week I felt the little bugger kicking around for the first time and he/she continues to do so.

Sleep:I have been sleeping better but I am still up about 10 times a night. 

Symptoms: Feeling okay. Not nearly as grouchy. I am starting to get that itchy pregnancy skin for sure and an overwhelming desire to bake everything in sight! 

Food Aversions: none. I love food

Food Cravings: oreos and milk, sourdough toast and green Chile. I love HOT food when I'm pregnant. I'm lucky I never get heart burn! 

Best Moments this week: Being with my family! 

What I miss: RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

What I am Looking forward to: Meeting the new baby. I am dying to know the sex. such a fun surprise! and the running a marathon

Milestones: felt the baby kickin'

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ºoºSheenaºoº said...
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ºoºSheenaºoº said...

People will always have something to say about what we do/wear/weigh.. blah! And for some reason they feel the need to express said opinion. I don't do it to people! Oh well! You look great, so happy!! Yay!! Good luck to you and your husband on his job hunt!

Kenzie Smith said...

I think that you look absolutely wonderful and glowing :D Who cares what other people say! Don't let them get to you :) said...

I feel we are in the same boat. I'm done with people telling me I "look really big" or "are you sure your not having twins?". I find it's mainly people that I work with who have children of their own. Are they jealous? maybe. Are they comparing me to other - yes - they are. Why else would they say these comments. One person I work with (who's daughter was due in a week) said that I looked bigger then her daughter who was ready to pop.
It sure gives you a negative blow when people say these things. I've been pretty upset after people make these comments to me lately.
I've put on just under 30 pounds (will be 30 weeks in a few days) and I'm doing my best to not listen to those comments and be proud of my growing belly.
Personally, I think you look pretty cute and healthy. Hats off to you for running for so long and walking. When someone say's something negative about how big I look now - I'm either just going to walk away from them as I don't need that negativity in my life or share how proud I am to be carrying this baby (more then likely our last).
Happy thoughts to you.
Anna @ Piper's Run

Sheila Lynn said...

You look absolutely fabulous! :)

Melissa said...

You look great! =)

mienkintoshfairie said...

Next time someone insults you about your weight gain, get "hormonal" on them! They will leave you alone then.

You look great, and you're healthy and that's all that matters ^_^

runnergirl said...

The 20 pounds must be ALL baby as you don't look like you've gained anywhere else!

It's sooo exciting that our babies will be the same age. I was really excited after I had been reading your blog for a bit and then found out I was preggo and the same as you! Fun! :) You are looking great by the way xx

Kristina said...

You look fantastic!!!! My sis in law just had her son and she gained much more this time during her 4th pregnancy. She was fine, he was a healthy and happy baby. Bodies are are different! I wouldn't worry about it.

Carole Rae said...

Gah. Hun you look great! I have no idea where that 20 lbs If I was to ever be preggo I would want to look like you. lol. Ignore those stupid people.

Katie said...

You look beautiful! I love your baby bump!!!

Susan said...

Shame on look amazing!
I gained so much weight with my first, my obgyn threatened to send me to a nutritionist. I still remember that! Crazy.

Marina {Yummy Mummy) said...

Oh you are looking so fabulous and happy!!! I'm so happy for you!

Jennie said...

I think you look beautiful :)

Kel said...

You look great!! Ignore those who feel the need to comment, they're just being silly x


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