Audubon Society Family Hike

You all know we love our family hikes. 

This week we went to the local Autubon Society. I hadn't been there in years.

Kids loved it!!!! 

Note to self to NEVER wear that shirt while pregnant again. YIKES
I have been missing running really badly, like deep down in my soul, bad. This morning I tried to put on my clothes and I couldn't even get my bra to close AT ALL!!! I wish I was kidding. Then I was like, "who am I kidding, I've gained 20 pounds and I'm pretty big, I'm not going to be able to run and if I can it ill be so slow and so miserable I will probably cry so I decided to forget it. 
Suddenly, the fun is over, the eating whatever I want fun is over. I feel big. I feel really yucky. I just want to be able to move again. I have my doctors and my family already starting in on my every two seconds about my weight. I am considering portion control and no sugar which will basically make for a MISERABLE pregnancy but you know what it ends up being miserable anyway with every single person harping on you constantly letting you know just how fat you are.
And then they say, "oh just enjoy it honey" Enjoy what? You calling me fat every 5 minuets when actually I happen to growing another human or the fact that I apparently should only be eating carrots and celery for 9 months. 
UGH!!!! Rough Day! 
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stephanie said...

looks like so much fun hanna! and i think you look great. you look pregnant you don't look fat. i gained 50lbs when i was pregnant! haha. i say don't worry about it, try your best but enjoy your pregnancy, you lost weight before and you know how to do it again!

Elizabeth said...

Hugs to you girl! No one can tell you how to eat/exercise/not eat/not exercise during this pregnancy because they aren't you. YOU know what's best for you and you'll make good decisions and in a few months have a precious, precious blessing.
There is nothing wrong with a good slow run. It's frustrating to have to slow down, but sometimes a sweet slow run is just what the doctor ordered. At least, for me it is. :)

Kristin DeSalle said...

I feel your pain. My doctor told me "you know you aren't REALLY eating for two. Maybe you should meet with the nutritionist". I was ready to throw him across the room! Part of the joy is being able to eat things that taste good! You are already giving up a lot to grow this baby, enjoy the things that you can!

Erica said...

Awww you poor thing! Pregnancy is hard enough with our ever changing bodies and wild hormones let alone others chiming in on what you should/shouldn't be doing! They are your family so you have to be "kind of nice" lol I say eat healthy in front of them and then eat whatever you want when your NOT with them! You are the one growing a baby, not them! Happy Weekend!

Erica said...

P.S. My first thought when seeing these pictures is that you don't even look pregnant! I think you look amazing :)

tiltthem said...

I think you look great.

That being said, I also know how hard loosing weight is, so I won't join the choir, saying "eat whatever you feel like", cause I think you will regret it, when the baby is born.

Live healthy and cut down on the carbs and sugar, that's my advice.

Love following your blog - always true and "down to earth".

Melissa said...

You look great! Dont listen to everyone, you know whats best for you!

Hang in there!

Your Family photos are so precious!

Yo Momma Runs said...

My first OB was really on me about weight gain all the time, and that was the pregnancy I probably gained the least! It was annoying and made me assume that he thought I was fat. Hated it! You are growing a human and have to gain weight that will take time to lose once you're done. But you will lose it!

Also, I love the ruffle bum pants on your little girl.:)

Char said...

Hugs to you lady :) My sister's OB did the same to her. You are growing a human and doing a fantastic job at it! You have the will power and motivation deep inside you and you KNOW what you WANT. Hang in there. It's ok to have down days. We're all here for you xoxoxoxoxo. P.S. Your family is adorable!!

Susan said...

I think you look great! Healthy. And although I know it's tough, that's what is most important.
You know you will lose it afterwards...just look what you have already achieved! xo


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