Baked Chalupas

A few weeks a go I was sick as a dog with morning sickness ALL.DAY.LONG and my hubby was gone working but I knew I had to make dinner and i was DREADING it.

I glanced in the fridge and saw some random ingredients and came up with this giant muffin tin recipe.

Don't they look awesome?

You will need:
*1 giant muffin tin
*6 corn tortillas
*about 1/2 cup of canola oil
*1/2  a block of cheddar
*1/2 pound of shredded beef or pork or ground turkey or chicken or beans
*1 medium russet potato finely grated (this may be omitted but it adds a little extra moisture and flavor that I think is wonderful)
*Garnish (lettuce, red onion, tomato, avocado, hot sauce)

Heat over to 350
1. Place meat in a frying pan with the shredded potato and start cooking, I used cumin, cayenne pepper, salt and regular pepper to season
2.Then grate your cheese. 
3.Now brush both sides of your tortillas with oil and place In muffin cups. They will probably break a little, no worries, they will harden and hold their shape when finished.
4.Now fill each cup with just a little sprinkle of cheese for the bottom layer.
5.When the meat is cooked place a generous helping into each cup on top of the cheese
6.Now use the rest of the cheese to top them.
7.No pop them in the oven for 25 -30 min at 350 or until slightly brown and crispy.
8.Serve with whatever garnish you like.

DEFINITE crowd pleaser. My kids ate it and my husband who wasn't even hungry ended up eating 2 they were so good and it was SO easy.

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Hannah said...

This looks AMAZING!!

Carole Rae said...

Printing this recipe off. It looks SO good. Yum

Alesha said...

These look fabulous! =) I'll definitely try them soon!
Alesha <3

Elizabeth said...

these look deliccccccchious!!!

Mendi said...

These look amazing!!

Fit for Life said...

I just found this recipe from pinterest, and made it. We loved it, made just as it is. Only complaint from the hubs was that I didn't make more of it! Thanks!


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