In the short few months I have know Tallia from Braologie, I think we've become friends. I'm not even sure how we got connected, I suppose she contacted me and I THRILLED to say the least.

You might remember I did a giveaway last month with her GORGEOUS undergarments and my readers were thrilled. I've gotten several emails about how excited everyone has been.

So the other day Tallia, being the sweetheart that she, me a gorgeous nude, lace bra just as a gift because she is lovely and wonderful. And then she asked if maybe my readers and I could Help her out and I thought, "sure we can"

So She is giving away a full workup on one reader, meaning she will analyze photos and send a detailed questionnaire and then send the appropriate garments to help with your posture and over all look. When she did this for me, I was SHOCKED at what a mess I was posture wise. THANK YOU TALLIA for fixing me.

Anyhow, Braologie is a new company and she needs our help with something. So here's what she needs from us.
Braologie is a whole new concept of undergarment. It is meant to be worn on a regular basis to help with a woman's shape and posture. It is NOT meant to be worn like Spanx or whatever other horrible uncomfortable fat sucker that you only wear once a year when you go to your cousin's wedding;.

Braologie is very carefully tailored to your body specifically and meant to be worn daily to improve posture and shape. Trust me, it's VERY comfortable. I LOVE mine and was very surprised. 

So here's the problem words like"shapewear" and "Functional Wear" do not describe the braologie product. These imply something more like lingerie or Spanx that is only worn occasionally. Braologie is mean to be worn everyday. It's a whole new line of products folks and we need a word for it!!!!!!

Tallia's request for help and the giveaway,
"We have always wanted a new "word" that describes our products but have no luck in brainstorming and coming up with this new word. It does not have to end with "wear" but we want to be known as a new category of lingerie that helps improves the posture and contours of the women's body." 

#1. leave a comment with your suggestion for a new word for Braologie products and leave the comment here. You must complete this entry to enter.

#2. Follow Braologie on FACEBOOK and leave me a comment

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Hannah said...

The word "Imprint" stands out to me! It could be just "Imprint" by Braologie, or "ImprintWear" by Braologie. I just love the idea that instead of altering/changing a woman's shape to fit the status quo, you are helping her rediscover her natural, unique, and beautiful Imprint!

Thank you for your amazing a mother of 2 boys under the age of 2, I know firsthand what time does to your posture and bodyshape. After 2 pregnancies so close together and fluctuations in weight gain and loss, my poor posture is wrecked. Not to mention that I am normally a DD cup size on a 5' frame, but when I'm pregnant and breastfeeding, I'm an F/G! Shoulder blade burn!! LOL :)

Hannah said...

I also like Braologie and Bouffe e Bambini on Facebook!

Sundaro said...

bouffe e bambini thank you for introducing me
to Braologie. How cool to improve my shape,
posture and comfort with this wonderful
I would use this word to describe Braologie

Yo Momma Runs said...

Wow, so fun! My word for the new line would be "journey." Because you don't just need braologie for certain destinations along your path, but for the whole journey.

Yo Momma Runs said...

I like/love braologie on Facebook!

Yo Momma Runs said...

And of course I follow you on Facebook too! Hope your baby is growing well and that you are getting your much-needed rest!

Anon*RN said...

I've been wracking my brain for a good name for these amazing products. LOVE the nude lace, it's gorgeous.
I like "Formability" that someone said above, something to do with "Form"....Formwear, Your Best Form,
Best Form Forward...(still thinking over here!)

Jovan said...

Playing with the word posture 'Posterity'

Jovan said...

Like Braologie on Facebook.

Jovan said...

Liked you on Facebook.

Char said...

Thought about this for a while, and coincidentally have a "word board" at work to keep track of words of encouragement. The word that came to me is "Confidence" because I know that when I feel good about myself, whether it be a good mood or good outfit or being physically comfortable, I'm more confident and what is more beautiful than a Confident woman :)

Char said...

I follow Bouffe e Bambini on Facebook (Char Moon Dewey)

Char said...

I follow/like Braologie on Facebook (Char Moon Dewey)

SuzyQpon said...

I like "Silhouette." With a tag line something like "Silhouette, daily wear for a new generation." I also like "Contour." Tag line "A new concept in undergarments." Lastly, I like "Formologie" to continue the "Braologie" trend! Can you tell how desperate I am to win?!?! :)

Party of Three Heads said...

I love the way these products look.. my one word for them is forming... it looks like the products could really "form" a body into the perfect contouring shape!

Party of Three Heads said...

I liked braologie on fb!

Party of Three Heads said...

and I have liked bouffe e bambini for a while now on fb!! :)

The Fam said...

Profile comes to mind for me! Every woman has a different one!

shannoncarman at yahoo dot com


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