You might remember last December, a few weeks before Christmas, my husband lost his job. I started working overtime and totally burned myself out in a  matter of 5 months.
The bills were too high. We needed to change something drastic. So we did.

We got rid of our cell phones completely.


Yeah, that's right. It's not even like we have a janky old flip phone and certainly no new iPhone 5. 


We have a land line with an answering machine. When we first got it I had to relearn how to use the darn thing. 

So we have been living cell phone free for almost a year! 

Is that amazing or what??

I tell you what I miss the most is the texting. It made it so easy to meet up for lunch or remind my hubby at the grocery to pick up something extra but now it's good old fashioned, If I'm not home, you will never find me. 

Strangely there is a very nice freedom in it. I will never be bothered again. My kids NEVER see me incessantly texting or chattering on the phone, especially while driving. 
I am a nurse I see what happens to the victims of this first hand but don't deny it, we've all done it a hurry before. 

I see other kids younger than my own with their own iPad's and phone like devises and it makes me kinda sad. They are just glued to the screen, seemingly brain dead. 
Not mine! 
They wouldn't even know one if they saw one. There was a kid at a park with one and of those and of course instead of playing outside at the park he was playing video games on one of those things and my son just looked at him and said, "mommy, what's that boy doing?" 
I found it sad and amusing that my 2 1/2 realized how ridiculous it was and he didn't know what it was. 

So almost a year cell phone free and only one car. It's almost like we're Amish (That's a joke. Please don't take offense) and we're surviving just fine. In fact I don't feel the need to be glued to my phone 24/7. I'm free to be present with my family. It's kind of wonderful actually.


Ever thought about life without a cell phone???? Could you do it?

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Christy said...

Good for you guys. Electronics really are a distraction, and it is only getting worse as they come out with new gadgets. I hate talking on the phone, so I kinda am jealous. :)

Ps. Got my bracelet. Cute, cute card it came with! THANKS!!

Robyn Burke said...

We debated getting rid of the cell but chose instead to lose the homeline. Only because hubby's cell# is what is on his business cards. And of course in his line of work (construction) he needs to be in touch with subcontractors etc. But I think I could go without mine. ;)
We don't have TV/cable, and we really really don't miss that!
ps. I am going to try and post today so you will have something to read lol!!!

Mendi said...

So happy you post on the weekends!!! Love having something to read!! I have to admit I am addicted to my phone and not sure I could live without it but then again we don't have a landline and with teenagers running from activity to activity it is nice to always be in touch. I have to admit though when we went on vacation to places without cell service it was very nice!

Brittney - The Luycx's said...

I'm actually kind of jealous. Sometimes, it's annoying that people can basically get ahold of you every second of the day. On the weekends, I'm guilty of just leaving mine at home or letting it die. The freedom is nice! Back in the day no one had a cell phone 24/7 & we all lived just fine then!

Amanda said...

Good for you guys! Unfortunately I'm work for a 24/7 IT company so I have to be available all the time :( BUT, even though I have a smart phone, about the only thing I know how to do on it is make and receive calls. Everyone laughs at me because I work in IT and don't own all these new gadgets that are out there!

Brittany Campbell said...

That is so impressive! As much as I love my electronics it does make me sad to think about how we have lost touch with just LIVING..not virtually. I want my kids to play outside just like I did before phones took over everything. You guys are awesome!

LaurenLo{me}LoloLC said...

So then people CAN exist without cell phones. I complaint about "zombie children" and "catatonic electronic adults" all the time, but then I am one myself. It's an addiction. Kudos to you both!!

AND! I Love that scarf something fierce! Where or where might I find one of my own.

~ Lauren

SueAnn Lommler said...

I couldn't imagine it. Ha! How would I keep in touch with my grandkids?? Would be impossible!
Hugs to you

Susan said...

Funny, we had this exact same convo over dinner with my brother and family on Sat nite. And no, none of us could do it! I'm addicted for sure. Sad.

pipersrun.com said...

It's funny, I can't wait to go on maternity leave because it means I will no longer have/need a Blackberry (for a whole year!!!). I used to have a personal phone and then got rid of it. With my job they require that I have one and provide it...that's great and all but I sometimes hate that I get emails at night and people expect me to get back to them then. I work 8:30-4:30 and will use it during those hours for work. Sure, I may miss it for a few weeks but with a new baby around I'm sure I'll have other important things on my mind. I figure people can always leave me a message at home, email or on facebook.
I could totally live without a cell phone.


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