It's an IT!

It's definitely fall here in Santa Fe. I had to scrape ice off the car window yesterday morning on my way to work. 

I know I say this every single week but it is just so hard for me to leave the kids when I work. It's like my heart doesn't start beating again until I walk through that door and get to see them for a few minuets before bed. 

And then the next day after I work we always have a pretty rough time because the kids are confused and a little bit mad at me for leaving them for so many hours. It's hard on me. I wish I could explain to them that I am doing it for them but they don't understand. 

Usually after one day they are fine and back to normal but the first day they are always really needy and clingy and I can't do anything right. 

Poor Babies!!!!

Today we played in the yard for a few hours after their nap. My hubby had a gig out of town so it was just me and the babes tonight. 

They are so big. I can't believe it! 

So I had my anatomy ultra sound today for baby #3 and I am officially 21 weeks pregnant and have a healthy baby that weighs 14 ounces! 

We told the Ultra sound tech right away that we didn't want to know the sex of the baby so she said she wouldn't even look. 
The baby was moving around a lot and kicking me like crazy. We didn't get the greatest pictures but I actually thought it looked kinda cute! 

We brought the kids into see the ultra sound and they both waved and said "hi baby". It was cute. They were thoroughly amused by the whole thing. But little Milton doesn't like the pictures and think they look scary. I don't blame him, they kinda do! 

So we have a 14 ounce clue about the sex and still struggling along trying to come up with names.

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Lisa @ MMT said...

We can totally relate to the working situation and how working long hours can leave your little ones emotional and confused. Although I am a stay at home mom, my husband has been working crazy long hour jobs since our son was born. He's now working 2nd shift and works 6 days at a time and I can definitely see that it affects our son. It really hard, but I just wanted to tell you that youre not alone!

Also, I can not believe you are 21 weeks already! Yay! So glad to hear baby is growing and healthy. Props to you waiting to find out the sex! I am too impatience to wait, but it will be such a great surprise!!

Char said...

Congrats on the (more than)half way mark. Won't be long now :) And I can relate to the working and leaving the little one. I work rotating shifts, continuously changing the hours I work (day, swing, overnights) and I can tell that Jackson is affected. He's confused and all I want to do is sleep sometimes.

melody-mae said...

My one daughter found out what she was having and the other one chose not to. Both were pretty exciting for me! ha. BTW, your two littles are adorable!!!


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