Little Milton is Three

Last night at 4:03am three years ago my precious Milton was born. I will never forget that night as long as I live. Every moment is burned in my mind. There is nothing like your first born child. 

Milton has a very gentle and sensitive spirit. He is extremely aware and pays great attention to the world around him. 
He is very friendly and loves to make friends with other children. He has a very gentle spirit can can get his feelings hurt easily. 
He has a good sense of humor and a very good vocabulary. He is VERY loving. He says good morning and good night to his sister every morning as well as I love you quiet often. He gives kisses to mommy and daddy at least a few times a day. 

He has a very playful relationship with our cat Gris, although he gets scratched on occasion. 
He loves his Grandma more than anything in this world. His time with her is like GOLD. I think they will close for a long, long time. 

I remember when Milton was just a few weeks old and had colic. I would hold him 24 hours a day. He slept on top of me for 6 months before he ever slept on any other surface even in my bed. 
Milton to me was the most precious commodity I had ever laid eyes on. I would have done ANYTHING to keep him content and happy and I did. 

I can remember I used to put Milton my Moby wrap and walk circles around the fireplace for HOURS and HOURS because it was the only was I could get him to stop crying and sleep but if I stopped he would wake up. He was by far my hardest baby and he worth every singe effort and more. 
Today he is a happy, well adjusted little boy. 

He tells me everyday, "It's a beautiful day mommy"

Happy Birthday to the most precious little boy I know. I love you more that I could have ever imagined! 

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Steadfast Ahoy! said...

What a dedicated mother you are! Happy birthday to the sweet pea!


Your little guy seems to have the sweetest personality! Happy birthday Milton!

Workingberlinmum said...

Aw very cute! Happy birthday Milton!

Susan Liberatore said...

Holy Moly adorable!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy. xo

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday handsome boy! You are so blessed Hanna!

Char said...

Happy Birthday little Milton :) What a precious little guy!! First born & boys are the best! xoxo


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