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My little snuggle bugs...........Sometimes after afternoon naps we all get in my bed and snuggle together and read books. It's my favorite. You can see here Ginger has her lamby pillow and Milton is a power ranger snuggler. 

I love my kids more than anything this world. Sometimes when I have to work my heart  gets so sad. I know it's just a reality but I can't get over it.. I never have been able to. Since day one I have had a VERY strong feeling that I should stay home with these children. 

It kills me.

Isn't family just the best? 
I absolutely CANNOT wait to meet baby number 3.

A little iced CLICK for my afternoon pick me up!!!! Have I mentioned how much I love this stuff!!! Thanks CLICK for being so awesome!!!! You fill me up and keep me going! I officially love you!!! Plus is this not the cutest cup ever. It's made of really thick plastic and has a rubber seal around the top so NO LEAKING and a hard plastic straw too! 

Made homemade Gnocchi from scratch.......It's one of my absolute favorites!!!! If you ever need something extremely warm and comforting that tastes like little pillows from heaven, this is your dish.  

You can find my recipe and back story  HERE. The story is pretty cute. You should read it if you never have:)

Oh and this was the Garlic, Pull apart bread that went with it. It'e the first time I've ever made this flavor but it was divine of course. You can find my similar recipe for Cinnamon sugar pull apart bread  HERE

Me................on my way somewhere important! 

Trying to look half way presentable while almost the size of a small house. It's amazing how hard it is for me to look cute while pregnant. 

I am DYING over these boots from JOYFOLIE. I MEAN SERIOUSLY DYING!!!!!! I'm not sure I will make it without them!!!!! 
They recently came out with a women's shoe line and this is their first pair of boots for sale this fall. 

Seriously, low heel, comfy, buttons up the side, handmade. I might just die thinking about them!

This may have to be on my list to Santa! GORGEOUS!!!!

Yes, Yes I know I am totally addicted to CLICK but today I decided to put the extra cinnamon whip cream from my pumpkin pies on top and it was a HEAVENLY treat!!!!!! 

Ever since becoming pregnant, I have been wanting to bake 

Hence 5 million pies a day!!


This has been a hard week on me. My best friend in the entire world had some severe family tragedies and my hubby had a few health issues of his own so I have felt very worried, praying almost constantly, not getting too much sleep, and plagued with a lot of anxiety but I am trying to work through it. I can't believe I haven't gotten fired from my job yet as I Have had so many emergencies and sicknesses they honestly they must think I'm an addict or something. Oh well, I can only do what I can do. No more. 

So tonight I have my family here and we are about to sit down for a warm home cooked meal and I am so grateful. Grateful for this moment, this life, This moment RIGHT NOW! 

"If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it"
P.S. I am still praying Mizuno will send me a pair of shoes so I have an excuse to run again at least once more before this baby comes out. 


OH AND ONE MORE THING.......Remember that Tote Bag I showed off yesterday. Want to win one of your very own?

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lovejoy_31 said...

I LOVE those boots. I saw the pic on FB the other night, but I seriously doubt I will ever get a pair. I can't justify spending that much. But a girl can always dream, huh? You are not as big as a house. You are gorgeous. It is all belly. I know that you don't feel that though. Trust me, I was there a few years ago. Hopefully I will be there again.

Lindsay said...

Ive been praying for you :) Hope everything is on the up!

Jane Craske said...

You look fab and we're all looking forward to meeting the new kiddo.

Going to have to try Click.

SaraRN said...

Much love to you! You look amazing! You are an inspiration!

Elizabeth said...

waaaait. Did you say try to look cute while pregnant?? Girl, you don't have to try- you ARE!!
Those boots are just outta this world adorable. #getinmycloset!
I'm praying for you & for your friend. God is good. It's the tough times that help us cling even tighter.....He will give you peace.

Melissa said...

You look great!

The photo with your kids is precious.. =)

Love the bag and the Pies!!

Christy said...

You are too hard on yourself. I think you are so pretty! Love the shot on the way to "somewhere important.". :)

I hate coffee smell, coffee taste, even so much as coffee flavored Chapstick. Does Click come in non coffee favors? I love the caffeine part. lol


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