Sunday Adventures

This morning the kids were 

Because my husband has found a part time job and is now gone 2 days a week as well as myself, the kids have not yet adjusted to the routine and have been REALLY acting out.

In fact I can barley stand to have them in the house at all. After 30 min of waking up they are both screaming, fighting, tantruming, you name it. Honestly, I'm starting to get a little scared, okay A LOT scared, about how we are going to handle a new born with these two in the terrible toddler phase. I will take any advice from mom's of 3 close in age I can get.


SO the only way to cure this problem is leave the house and distract them. So this morning We went on a 5 mile walk including to a park and 2 separate grocery stores. We were gone for about 2.5 hours. 

Wow, I hadn't realized how out of shape I had gotten. That was a lot for me and I was exhausted when we got home.

They put up these cute little mock street signs on our exercise trail system here in Santa Fe and I think it's so cute.

Anyway, back to my story. The moment we got home I went to pull that cord you see to your left of the gate to open it and it snapped before the gate opened. This is the ONLY way into our house. We have a mini fortress around our house. 

UGH OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now the only option is to scale this fence on the other side of the house. It appears as if it opens but doesn't because it had a board going across the back of it so you can only open it from the INSIDE of the yard. 

So at 5 months pregnant after walking for 2.5 hours I got to scale this wall and traipse through knee high weds and trees to get around to the gate and fix the cord. 


So then we managed lunch and pretty good naps. Thankfully and then we were off to a special church service being held in the evening.

One of my Supervisors at the Hospital who I love and adore has a son who teaches and works in our church and he is being ordained tonight with a special ceremony so we are going with the kids. 

My hubby is always playing in the band so I am just praying the kids behave as I will have them both on my own and they have not been making it easy lately. 

So this what we wore

We lasted 20 minuets in the actual sermon which I thought was pretty good and spent the rest of the time in the lobby and playing outside. 

So that about wraps it up. I am totally EXHAUSTED and my poor hubby is at the urgent care having MAJOR tooth problems so it's been a LOOOONG day for all of us! 


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Susan said...

I know this is no consolation AT ALL but you all look adorable!!!!

stephanie said...

haha that does sound like a crazy day friend! oh the adventures life brings. your kids are so stinking cute though!!!

icecreamtomarathon said...

Oh, bless your heart!! What a crazy day! I have 2 stepsons who are now 13 and 14. But when they were younger, it seemed like they were fighting all the time, I thought I would lose it! Distractions definitely help, and I would just separate them. I always told them my home is a home of PEACE, and I prayed that it would be too. Grace to you, my friend!

Char said...

So sorry to hear about your hubby :( and your day, boo. You and your babies look adorable though!! Hugs! (yes, I'm way late to responding to blog posts)


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