This weeks Mish Mash


Brrrrr.........................It got down right cold this week here at 7000 feet so our daily walks have become regular snuggle sessions. aren't they the cutest?

To go along with that theme I made homemade chicken pot pies which you  know is my specialty. You can find the recipe HERE

Hello flaky deliciousness. Get in my belly. I know the baby loves you

We are still harvesting tomatoes and I had the very unfortunate experience at 3AM while running to the kitchen for a  banana to step on this gigantic half eaten tomato. 

Thank you toddlers for this one!!!

Now I have decided that I want to grow my hair down to my back again so I drenched it from root to tip in organic coconut oil. We'll see how that turns out and if it seems to help condition it at all! I might do ti for 2 days straight with out washing. We'll just see how it goes and if I can handle the grease ball.

Update: I only left it on for one night but slept in it and left it until noon. My hair was considerably softer. I definitely recommend. I'm going to do it once a week! 

You might remember back in the Spring I took a 4 month hiatus from my person facebook page. Then I got back on and got addicted again. Posting a status or a photo and then checking obsessively to see if anyone left a comment. 
I don't know exactly what if is but it's NEGATIVE!!!!!! It is a time suck and I need all the time I can get to be with my precious family.

 It's also a lie. I feel like "some" people post all kinds of stuff that isn't even real just to make their lives seem fantabulous and you know what I'm just not interested in the lie. 

Not to mention I cannot stand the incessant posting about politics. I now where I stand and I really don't care to here 5000 other people's opinions every 4 seconds. 

Go vote and stop preaching about it!

So I did away with it again. 
I still have my Bouffe e Bambini page linked to my husband's account so I can post there but my account is gone! 


Popcorn eating monsters for a wrap up!!!!! 

Well, that's it, I'm off for 2 days of 14 hours on my feet and no pee breaks so hopefully l'll survive!! Wish me luck. I'll choose a CLICK winner after my work week is done. Hope you all have a great couple days!!!! 
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stephanie said...

i. hate. facebook. just wanted to get that out there haha. and now i want to go drench my hair in coconut oil!!!

Melissa said...

I love!! your chicken pot pies!
They look so yummy!

Your children are getting so big!

Elizabeth said...

Guess what I'm making for dinner tomorrow?!?! Those pot pies looks fabulous!! :)
I have a super strong love/hate relationship with fb. There are tons of cons, and I've been guilty of some of them before myself. It is wonderful to help me keep in touch (although I definitely talk, text or visit them!!) with my siblings who are married or moved away.

Yo Momma Runs said...

Yummy pot pies! I want to make that immediately. Love the pictures! I finally deleted my first friends ever the other day when they were having a fight via Facebook. It's a couple that I hardly know from my hometown, so I didn't feel too bad. But it still felt weird to delete someone. You're awesome for saying to heck with it all!:)


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