On Pregnancy:

I have gotten to the point in my pregnancy being 24 weeks  now that I am short of breath easily and haul my toddlers around isn't as easy as it used to me. I can still get up and down off the floor with no problem but I am sure that will be coming to an end soon. Bath time on my knees with both kids is already pretty exhausting.
I don;t think it matters how big I am when I first get pregnant, My body just wants to get HUGE! 
When I am 9 months I will barely be able to walk. No joke! 
My nausea and dizziness still comes and goes but seems to be getting a little better.
I have missed a lot of work but am so grateful my hubby has found 2 part time jobs so that takes A LOT of pressure off me. Grateful!

On Marriage:

I still feel sorry for my husband. I am still very moody and emotional. I really can;t help it and am hoping it will start to wayne soon. I try so hard to be level headed and somewhat normal but for some reason I am just VERY hormonal and have a hard time controlling myself. I am very excited to meet our new addition and very ready to not be pregnant anymore. I am so much more sane when I am not pregnant. I also can't wait to get to my running schedule.

Around The house:

A few days ago we went and picked out twin beds for the big kids that will delivered on Saturday. Then today we ventured out to Target and to DIllard's where we found an awesome 50% of sale on gorgeous beding that is PERFECT for the kids new room. 
I wanted something that wasn;t to "kid like" but also not boring and drab. So I found that amazing bright mixed pattern quilts and shams in different colors for each child but still coordinate at 1/2 off. I love that!!!!! 
I also think I am going to but a couple of those chinese lantern style lights to hang over the kids beds in coordinating colors. I'm really excited!!!! 

On Work:

BIG SIGH!!!! What can I say, it's not a good job for a pregnant person. Way too much stress, way too many hours on my feet. Soem weeks I make it and some weeks I don't. I'm  just trying to hang in there. 

On The Kids:

The kids are most definitely in the terrible toddler phase. Everyday I am amazed at how hard it has become. It literally happened overnight. 
So I am just trying so so so so hard to keep my patience and be gentle and kind even when they are screaming and hitting and fighting. It's pretty intense but I know this too shall pass. 

What I'm Wearing
Chambray Tunic: J Crew
Belt: La Mode Acessories
Sweater: J Crew
Boots: J Crew

Around Here:

Winter is officially here. We had our first snow of the season a few days ago. I cannot wait until it really starts coming down. I'm not necessarily a fan of the cold but I love the snow.

What We've Been Up to:

We took the kids on the marry-go-round as a fun family outing because they LOVE it. Poor Ginger always cries when she has to get off. We haven't gotten outside too much as it has been snowy and really cold but I am hoping for some more fun hikes and adventures very soon. 
Have a great day my friends! 
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Heather said...

I LOVE your top! It's so cute. I want one!! And I know you feel huge but seriously, you look great! You pull of those leggings like a boss.

Have a great day!! xox

Yo Momma Runs said...

The belt and boots are great! I remember seeing my feet after one pregnancy and being so surprised. Like, oh I haven't seen you guys for months now. :) Hope the nausea continues to lessen.

Elizabeth said...

Hanna! so good to see a post from you!! I miss your vibrant blogging! :)
You continue to be the cutest pregnant Momma I have ever seen. Prayers for strength and health for you & your whole family!!

Val said...

You look amazing!! I admire you, momma.

Susan said...

Love your outfit Hanna! That belt is too cute and looks even more so atop your cute belly.
Hang in there! 2 toddlers. I would DIE. xo

Char said...

With all you have going on in your busy life, you still look beautiful and have a smile on your face. While it is small, it makes a difference :) Have a wonderful week mama :)

Jane Craske said...

Adorable belt! And you look fabulous C: Feel better super soon, being pregnant is the very hardest job.

Melissa said...

You look great!

I hope you feel better soon, hang in there!
( the kids will grow out of the toddler phase faster than you think )

icecreamtomarathon said...

You are just super adorable! I can't imagine being pregnant with 2 toddlers and having a stressful job. You're one amazing lady! But you're right, this too shall pass!

stephanie said...

you look so great friend! and totally agree with the being pregnant and being a nurse thing. my sister in law is a nurse in the peds unit and she is almost 9 months pregnant. her feet and back are always hurting her and the stress is crazy!!! love you!

Christy said...

Hey friend!! I just wanted to say hello, I miss you, and I've been MIA, outta town, broken Internet, and going crazy, but you look great and I'm glad you are a less stressed with the job situation. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! Hang in there, only a few months left!

Yo Momma Runs said...

Hey, I'm just checking in to see how you are doing. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and that you are feeling well!


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