On Parenting

It's ALWAYS love and NEVER perfect

Or anywhere even close.

My husband and I talked about getting pregnant for the third time about 8 months before we actually started to try. 

Our only reservation, MONEY!!!!!! 

Otherwise we knew we wanted a big , warm, squishy, delicious family to gobble on daily. WE wanted our home to be a REAL home! One that full of music and laughter and chaos and clutter!!!! 
Because THAT is the stuff life is really made of. 
Because those are the people who often experience the most and love the greatest. They may also loose the greatest too. It's a gamble but one that's well worth it in my opinion.

I can remember when we were trying to get pregnant for the very first time with Milton, we were so naive. We were not young but most certainly naive when it came to children. We had LIVED and I mean REALLY LIVED.............One day maybe I will fill you in a little more and just how much we lived but the point is we were SO. READY. FOR. A. BABY. 

I got pregnant instantly and we were ecstatic. My pregnancy was fine was for most part. I worked in the ICU on the night shift until I was 8 months and then we moved across the country and had Milton. 
But boy was I in for the shock of my life. Having a baby, even just one baby was the hardest thing mentally and physically I had EVER done in my entire life and I had lived a lot by 30 years old. I was blown away at how hard it was to care for a baby with colic or any new born really. I felt like I was a walking exposed nerve. I had never felt instinct in such a raw, powerful form like that. It's amazing really.
I think my poor husband was just in shock over the entire thing.

But you live and you learn and you realize that that little miracle brought more love and joy into your life than you ever knew was possible to experience. God brought us Ginger a little earlier than we would have planned but isn't that what God's here for anyway? So when Milton was just 4 months old we found out we were expecting another little bundle. 

 So we welcomed her with open arms. I spent the first 6 weeks on the floor crying with both them in my lap thinking I might just die any moment and of course I didn't. Most days I would pray so hard I thought my brain would explode. I would pray to make it through the day, the hour, the minuet , the second. I prayed and prayed and prayed. It's all I could do to not completely loose my mind.

So when Ginger was 1 and Milton was 2 we started to brew on the idea of a third baby knowing it was now or never. So we decided YES!!! Lets go for it. 

Always easier said than done. So now approaching my 6th month of pregnancy with my third baby I find myself scared. Milton and Ginger have decided to do the terrible toddler phase at the exact same time, while I am sick and pregnant and trying to financially support us. 

It's not too fun. I know once baby number #3 arrives we will adjust and I know I will be on the floor crying for 6 weeks praying every second for mercy but that's okay because it's all worth it eventually. 

Forget martial arts, ballet, marathon running, triathlons; nothing can compare to being parents to multiple small humans at the same time. 


Not even natural childbirth over and over again can compare because eventually that is over and relatively quickly compared to years of unrelentless parenting.

I can run 20 miles in the blink of an eye and enjoy it. Being a parent, especially of several small children makes you the toughest human on the planet. 

You HAVE TO HAVE THE STRENGTH OF A WARRIOR and the HEART of a LION and the GRACE of Audrey or you might not survive Parenthood. 

All parents deserve some sort of award for strength of character in  my opinion. 

So for now I have the utmost respect for all you parents out there struggling along with our hearts on our sleeves, praying every second we will all survive the next 5 minuets. 

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m&msmommy said...

Ohhhh, I LOVE this post! Each stage of parenting, no matter how old your children are, bring its challenges. And when you think, "How in the world am I ever going to survive this?" You do! :) And then another phase comes upon you, you wonder it again, and survive, again! :) Thank goodness for God and praying, that's all I can say! ;) I remember when we first brought Mia home, I was EXHAUSTED and Manuel said something that sent me into guilt overdrive and I thought, "Oh my gosh, what have we done to him!??!?! He's ruined not being an only child anymore!" :) But imagine this, he survived, so did we and thank goodness we didn't give Mia back! ;) We are also contemplating #3 and I'm sure there are people out there that might think (or heck, perhaps even say it to our faces), "You don't even have a house yet!" (we rent a townhouse) or "Can you really afford it?" or a million other things, but you know what...in my heart of hearts I feel like a child would be "blessed" (for lack of a better) to come into our family, a family full of love, faith, knowledge of God, happiness, joy, regardless of how much or how little money we have. And I definitely know the same is for your family too! :) Baby #3 is lucky to be coming into your/Milton/Little Milton/Gingers loving arms! ;)

Sorry for babbling but I just really loved this post! :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

ahh what a wonderful post!! i can't wait to experience all of those feelings whenever my husband and i decide to get pregnant. i know the sleepless nights will be there, the frustration, the i don't know what to do but i think motherhood is a beautiful thing

Nicole Jeannette said...

These are beautiful pictures! I think you'll be a great mom!

Mami said...

I know that feeling, but when we get older we are probably gonna miss those times!

runnergirl said...

So cool, LOVE this! x

Elizabeth said...

You are so right. Parents are heroes. It's amazing to me to see how much they sacrifice for their children. It's truly beautiful.
You are an amazing mother and your children are so blessed to have parents that are 100% dedicated to them. This is something that many children are lacking. God Bless you!

Melissa said...

Hang in there! Everything will..get..easier! =)

My children are now 21 and 30, and they grew up so fast!
I saw a couple with a small child and a newborn yesterday in the grocery store. After I talked to them for a few minutes..I saw them again..and I said kids grow up so fast! while my 5'11 21 year old Son was standing next to me. =)


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