Christmas Tree Shopping

It turns out God is really good! 

Yesterday we went Christmas tree shopping hoping to find something, anything we could afford and we did; a nice small tree for under $30. A total steal! 

I feel so grateful right now that our kids will get to decorate a tree in full Holiday tradition and not some tiny shrub or house plant. 

We are so blessed! 

The kids really did have fun picking out the tree. We actually let them pick the one we bought regardless of looks and I'd say they did a stellar job.

Ginger even had to do a little smell test to make sure it was up to par.

My wonderful Husband and Beautiful daughter! These two warm my heart!

Happy Holidays my beautiful friends!!!!! Today I am so grateful for supportive friends and family. I have been very blessed over the past few weeks. In the heart of the storm there is love and support. I have received many wonderful emails and so much love. 

I was very, very serious about my hubby and I sharing a case of canned beans as our joint Christmas gift. That's the reality but just in case Santa Clause is real and he's listening, here's what I would put on my list. Just 2 Things this year.

THESE Ugg Boots
I've had a pair of Ugg's ever since I was a little girl and befoer they were "the it" item and I have always loved  them. My dad introduced us a a young age. I wore mine so much when we lived in New York City that they just got trashed so I am currently Ugg-less:( BOO

And THIS Purse
Well............I don't have to do too much convincing here! This purse is to die for!!! I am totally obsessed with it and it's handmade; canvas with a leather bottom and CHEVRON. Hello.I. Love.You

I posted this note yesterday but just in cased you missed it yesterday, here it is again, but if I were you I would stop by and read my Candied Nuts Recipe


For the next week I will be posting "The Best of Bouffe e Bambini". So I hope you don't get bored but I will be posting some of my all time favorite outfit, recipes, DIY projects, and personal stories. I will also be posting some new things too so don't worry!!!! I'll share why with you later but I've got good reason. Oh and the followers widget will re appear just for a little while. If you don't already follow I would L*O*V*E it if you would. I love new friends!!! Just trust me on this one. Say a little prayer for me:) 

I just want you all to know how much I appreciate your undying support especially at this time in my life!!!! 

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Merry Christmas Hanna! I imagine these traditions are that much more fun with littles :)

Melissa said...

Merry Christmas Hannah!

Your trip to the Tree Farm looks like so much fun, your children are getting so big!! =)

Marion Green said...

I love Christmas tree shopping! Especially with little ones fun Hanna! Certainly a special memory with your adorable family (and how cute do you look with your baby bump and red sweater!?!?)
xo - Marion

curiouscovetous said...

I'm so glad you got a tree! You all look so cute!

Sabz said...

Hanna! Thank you for visiting my blog! Now I'm your newest follower ;) love this post, happy holidays!

Julia said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for stopping by tonight!

reshma M said...
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