Gratitude...The Best of series!!!!


Summer 2012

WE so easily forget the things we should be grateful for.

On a daily basis I try REALLY hard to remain humble and be grateful for what I have.

Summer 2012

For gosh sakes it can be that the dishes are clean that day or that the car had enough gas or that the checking account  isn't overdrawn AGAIN.

Or that we  have plenty of food for our kids and our sheets are clean.

Summer 2012

I really think people get caught up in the glitz of life sometimes and you know what, it just doesn't matter,

That pedicure you were complaining about not getting.....that's $35 dollars in groceries.

That girls trip to Vegas, that's time away from your kids.

Yes, yes everyone needs a break sometimes but on a daily basis please try to be grateful for the little things because in the end they are things that will matter the most to you

Summer 2012

On my death bed I want to be able to say I loved my children with  my whole heart and I gave them ALL I could. I want to be able content knowing I was right there by their  side every step of the way guiding them.

I want to be able to say I took pride in  my work and I worked HARD. I want to say I helped people, I changed their lives. 
I want to dye knowing that everyday i was grateful for what I had and I worked hard to maintain a vivacious spirit.

I want to know I didn't pay someone else to raise my kids and I cleaned up after myself. I took pride in myself and my life. Paying people to fix your problems is EXTREAMLY ungratifying.

I am very much a work in progress just like the rest of us but I know my path!

summer 2012

Top and skirt: J Crew
Sandals: Lauren Conrad for Kohls

This is our car. 

Yeah this is what you would call a "BEATER"
Isn't is lovely? It's the only one we got! 

One car family!!!!!

Do I stress about it? 
NAHHHH!!!!!!!!! what's the point? I'd rather be grateful for something else.

This is our house on any given day. Do I stress about it? NAHHHHH!!!!
What's the point? It's just goin gto look like that again tomorrow!


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melody-mae said...


You have a beautiful spirit. It shines through in your writing!

And I have to say, I LOVE that last picture of your house, because tonight that is exactly what ours looks like after having my grandson here all day! :)

Blessings and keep shining that light of yours!

Anon*RN said...

And THIS is why we love you so much, Hannah! You focus on what's truly important! Lifted up again by this blog post....


tiarenie said...

Great post. You have such a good head on your shoulders :)

Jamie Campbell said...

love this!


Lindsay said...

I love your honesty! We would be besties if you lived closer. :)

Megan Alvarez said...

I love this post!! So many people need to live this way. It's so sad to see people so miserable! Thank you!

Mindee and Austin said...

very neat post, i think people forget easily how incredibly blessed we are, even if we dont have much, we still have more than a lot of people around the world!

Peggy said...

The car gets you where you need to go and there's always public transportation. I,ve had 1 new vehicle in my life (64 yr) and that was out of desperation, didn't,t have time to go used car looking, lived alone out in the country 20 miles from work. A new car will put you in debt and not make you any happier. You have your priorities straight. Giving of yourself to your kids will mean more to them and make them better people than giving them "things". The house looks like it is LIVED IN not a perfect design home where you can't touch anything.

Char said...

You aboslutely have your priorities in order and this is what leads to a happier life, not money (though that helps sometimes!). I feel the same way you to, our house (apartment) looks the same way, dishes are never done, piles of laundry....but in the end, to be healthy, have a child who loves me and I love him and a loving, rock star husband, it's all worth it. If only one of us could be home and we didn't have to have daycare :(

Susan said...

You are so right Hanna and you look great doing it! xo

Pink Chai Raj said...

What a great reminder about gratitude! So many times we get so wrapped up in being perfect, we forget to enjoy the journey.

PS: My house usually looks like that too:)

Pink Chai Style

Samantha Curtis said...

Thanks for stopping by! Following you back!

Great reminder to cherish the little things :)

Brooke Coulter said...

Great advice to live by! Everyone can get wrapped up in the materialistic things instead of what really matters! It's nice to have a reminder every once in awhile.
Have a great weekend!
(new follower)

Kristen Alexis said...

You are a beautiful woman with words of wisdom that any women would be lucky to hear! I really thought about my life today and reading this post about gratefulness and staying humble opened my eyes! Yay for strong women!!

Bunny Girl said...

Great post! What great words of wisdom you have.


Elizabeth said...

I love, love, LOVE your perspective Hanna! So important and vital in this world!!
Everyday I wake up believing that I have THE best life, family, job, the world. Always. No questions asked. Sure, there are tough things, and people drive me crazy and my job is unpredicatable, but at the end of the day, life is about our attitude. I want to die knowing that I lived my life to fullest, love my family to death and worked 110% every single day.


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