Little Christmas Miracles

This was our tree all lit up after Santa and his elves had done their magic!!!!! 

This morning we woke to more than a few true Christmas Miracles!!! 

Ms. Santa sent us a H*U*G*E box of toys and gifts for our children weeks ago.

 I kept them tucked away in the closet until Christmas Eve when I placed everything out under the tree just as it should be.

This morning we opened the card to find nothing short of a true Christmas Miracle! 

I find myself everyday so overwhelmed with gratitude this year. We have received more gifts and been shown more true kindness in the name of the true holiday spirit, I am at a loss for words.

We are and always will be truly, truly grateful for everything ALL of you have done for us this year. 

And you better believe my children understand the true meaning of giving.

THANK YOU!!!!!! 
It will never be enough but THANK YOU!!!

I thought you might all enjoy some *snipits* form our morning................some gifts from our Santa and some from our above Ms.Santa:)

My aunt lives on and off in India year round and sent these GORGEOUS glass bangles this year. I am DYING...........IN.LOVE.WITH.THESE.

oh...........Boho I adore thee

Diapers and onesies for our new baby from Ms.Santa:)

Weeks ago I wrote a post about how my husband and I were going to get each other a case for Blue Runner beans for Christmas this year and ANOTHER wonderful reader, Kitty Howard, sent them to us..........among other things!!!!! 

You are all little miracles in our lives. 

Last year my husband bought me a brand S*P*A*N*K*I*N new vintage waffle iron for Christmas and it works wonderfully so this year I knew just what I was going to make this morning!!!!!!! 

You got it!!!!


Lets just day I didn't get a single complaint and EVERYONE had seconds:)

And it's not over yet............My hubby is cooking a roast, mashers and brussel sprouts for dinner!!!!!! 


This year, for the very first time in my life I have felt the true meaning of the Christmas spirit and it has blown me away. 

My socks are knocked off. 

I am speechless

I am eternally grateful

God is so good!!!! was yours?? Dying to know!!!!! 

I'm a HUGE snoop!!!!!

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The Life of the Wife


SaraRN said...

Merry Christmas! We have had some lovely miracles, gifts from God, too! Much love to you!

Yo Momma Runs said...

Oh wow, that red velvet waffle is perhaps the best idea I've ever seen. Love the vintage waffle iron too.

I love that you guys had a wonderful Christmas. We had a quiet morning at my in-laws. We even waited until 10:30 to open presents. That has NEVER happened before. :)

Marissa said...

Truly beautiful day. Amazing how much good there is hanging around in this world. Glad the kiddos enjoyed all of the gifts!

Brooke said...

I really felt the Christmas spirit too this year! Loved it!

Merry Christmas,


SueAnn Lommler said...

Nothing beats good Christmas miracle!! So cool!
We spent the day with family...grandkids...the best time ever and Santa was up to his old tricks and surprised us all with gifts and a wonderful banquet. So much fun!

Melissa Bo said...

Merry Christmas! =)

My Son and I spent the holiday at home together..I couldnt see other family members because I was sick with a cold and sore throat.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

This looks like SUCH A BLAST!! Can I pleeease have some of those waffles too? YUMMY!! Thanks for linking up sweet friend!!

Leonora said...

red velvet waffles?! AHHH newest follower too from Jenna's link up :) you are so adorable! So happy to have found you <3

Kittie Howard said...

Lots of warm fuzzies here. Thank you, Sweet Lady, for including us in your Christmas.


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