My Roots

First off, as the beginning of December is upon us, I wanted take a moment to remember my father. 

He died one year ago this month. He was handsome, charming, funny and could light up a room. I hope he has finally found Peace.

The photos I am about to show you were taken in the early 1970's. I lost all my photos in hurricane Katrina but  my sister was nice enough to share a few with me. 

So I thought While I was at it I would tell you a little bit about where I came from. My parents got married young, at 19 I think. They left their homes in New Jersey and moved out west and ended up settling in Oregon on 65 acres of land. 

Our family was part of "The Back to The Land Movement". 

This meant we had a garden that most our food came from.  We were vegetarians. 
My mother made all of our clothes on an antique sewing machine which she still owns today. 
My father was a carpenter. A couple years prior he helped build the stage for Woodstock. My husband and I now have his original Woodstock poster framed in our music studio.

He built the one room cabin that I was born in. My mother had become a midwife and together her and my father delivered me in that one room cabin.  That very cabin is shown in the back round in the photo below. 

Before I was born they also lived in a tent and an old school bus. I am the youngest of three. 

This is my beautiful mother in her early 20's.

So, what does living this kind of life mean? 

It means we didn't have electricity, running water or indoor pluming. So we had an outhouse, Kerosene lamps to light our house and a wood stove to keep warm. 

We took a bath about once a week. 
We had a well with fresh water in it. So if you wanted to take a bath you'd venture outside, fill a bucket with water, heat it on the stove and dump it into the bathtub several times over to bathe yourself. It's no wonder a good scrubbing was only once a week. 

So what did we do all day? 
Played outside almost all the time. We made awesome forts and ran wild. We played with the animals, rode horses bareback, got bucked off A LOT, our parents read us lots of books and we listened to a battery operated radio once in a while. 

We had chickens, rabbits, horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, oh the list goes on and on. 

This is me when I was 4.
 Shortly after this we moved into town but I still have many memories of that time in my life and I will forever have life memories and skills that helped shape me into who I am today. 

And how cute are those shoes? I totally want a pair now! 
I just wanted to share a little about where I came from with you as I don't think I ever have before. 

What kind of childhood did you have? 

For the next week I will be posting "The Best of Bouffe e Bambini". So I hope you don't get bored but I will be posting some of my all time favorite outfit, recipes, DIY projects, and personal stories. I will also be posting some new things too so don't worry!!!! I'll share why with you later but I've got good reason. Oh and the followers widget will re appear just for a little while. If you don't already follow I would L*O*V*E it if you would. I love new friends!!! Just trust me on this one. Say a little prayer for me:) 

I just want you all to know how much I appreciate your undying support especially at this time in my life!!!! 

I am feeling very hopeful and grateful! 

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alissa apel said...

That sounds like a great childhood. Sometimes I think we have too much STUFF today.

My dad grew up much like you did. He was raised by his grandma when he was little because his mom died in childbirth. He used to tell me lots of stories.

I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. I remember my mom was hesitant to let us walk to school because there was a child kidnapper in Lincoln, NE, which they hadn't caught. Later he was put in jail. My parents walked with us all over though. My friend Debbie and I used to walk strollers around with our dolls in them and have picnics at the school. We used to play in the sandbox and make huge castles and rivers. I'm sure we were ultra sandy! We played Barbies a lot to. The end tables were our Barbie's apartments. My mom only worked part time. So we had homemade meals mostly. She was a nurse and worked nights. On the nights she worked we had to be quiet during the day after. My dad taught us how to shut doors silently. To this day it bothers me when a door slams. My dad was an art teacher. He kept us busy coloring, painting and building. He hardly let us have a coloring book. He felt it stifled our creativity. That's pretty much my childhood.

melody-mae said...

Oh, what an awesome post about your mom & dad! I love hearing a little bit about how you grew up too. I must say, that picture of your mom when she was in her twenties looks a LOT like YOU. :)

I grew up in the midwest but, my parents were wanderers and so we moved every summer. a new school every year in fact! It is one of the many things that shaped me into who I am and how I relate to others and make friends. :)

Robyn Burke said...

I grew up on a dairy farm and had lots of chores to help shape me into who I am today. We never lacked for fun things to do. My favorite memories of my daddy are playing "kick the can" in the warm dusk of summer. He was the king of hiding places!! My dad passed away on the last day of Dec. 2006. I miss him every day. thanks for sharing more about your childhood Hanna. Those are precious precious memories!!

Jolene said...

My mother remarried when I was 4 and I grew up in the house my Grandmother grew up in. Out in the country at the end of the village limits on the mill pond of a large river. We enjoyed fishing in it and running around and getting into no good! The village was full of trouble, though, so by the 9th grade we were moving on and leaving behind many wonderful this day we all grieve the loss of the house/property.

Miss Angie said...

That is so fascinating! Thank you for sharing!

I grew up moving around a lot, but my family owns a ranch so we ran cattle and hauled hay for a lot of my childhood. We had electricity and stuff though, that was a really interesting read.

Tiffany said...

What a great photo montage, and what a fabulous childhood! So often we think, "What crazy people!" when we hear of people living like that, but I think, really, we are all the crazy ones. A life of simplicity is usually the happiest.

My childhood? Crazy. Both bad and good. And usually surprising to many people. But that is for another day ;)

Tiffany said...
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Beth Ann said...

Fascinating! You look like your mom.

Susan said...

OMG do you ever look like your mama!!!!

Your dad. No words. Sad.

Kristin said...

WOW! This is so amazing. I read it twice. My parents were the total opposite...very anti-"hippie" and very much in step with the mainstream. They were born old, I think. :)

And, you indeed look like your mother. Both beautiful, strong, independent women, I think. :)


Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche said...

You're the absolute spitting image of your mum!! The resemblance is insane!!

That sounds like a really cool way to live - no wonder you love being outdoors running now :)

Char said...

I hope you don't think I have forgot about you, I too have had life things going on and have not been following/reading regularly :( But I am here now! Thank you for sharing a little about your background and where you came from. You do look just like your mom, very beautiful :) Thoughts and prayers to you during this difficult time with your dad. I lost my dad as well, it will be 2 years this February. Looking forward to the posts to come :) Much love mama :)

The Sleepy Bard said...

I am so sorry to hear about your father. However, it sounds like you had an amazing childhood and wonderful memories. Cherish those.

I saw somewhere on here also that you lost 100 pounds, that is amazing, Congratulations.

Angie said...

Wow really interesting read. I love reading these types of stories. And I love the last pic of you how your stuffed toy looks like the dog on your dress.


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