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I am doing  a little Best of Bouffe e Bambini this week. So you'll see some of my favorite posts mixed with some new ones. Plus if your not a weekend blog reader I posted quiet a few new fun ones.

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So get ready for a FLOOD of posts from me this week, two a day at least!!! Yes, I am here to entertain you thoroughly!!!! I am proud to say I.AM.BACK!!!!!!! In full force my friends. Can;t wait to get into that kitchen today and start whipping up some holiday magic!!!!!!!Thanks so much for reading!!!!

Q & A Sesh

1.  What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Stubborn, compassionate, driven

2.  What is one piece of advice you would give to other ladies your age?

This is the best time of your life. Life every moment to the absolute fullest. . Your finally old enough to know what you want and what your doing with your life yet  young enough to really actively pursue your dreams.You can rest when your dead! 
GO FOR IT!!!!!

3.  What is your favorite beauty product?

I'm a minimalist when it comes to makeup. Sometimes I wear liquid liner and a little powder but that's it.

4.  What is one food that you cannot stand?

Plain yellow mustard. I'm a food snob just in case you didn't already know.
That's about it. I L*O*V*E food.....all kinds a food

5. Where would your dream vacation be?

There are many, many places on my list but at the top right now is Spain for many reasons but the number one reason is the food. Oh....my husband and I can eat out way through a country like no other. We planned out entire honeymoon in Italy around where we wanted to eat. It was SPECTACULAR!

6.  Who is you biggest celebrity crush?

Hmmm........I don't watch TV or read the news so I don't know that much but I would say either Reese Witherspoon or Kate Middleton. Both of them are beautiful, have a wonderful sense of style and carry themselves with amazing grace which all attributes I strive to uphold to everyday. 

7.  Who is your celebrity lady crush?

Oops.....Guess the question above answers this one. I don't have any guy crushed except my amazing husband. Seriously he's my one and only and always will be. 4-eva

8.  What is your favorite cocktail? and if you don't drink then how about milkshake?

I don't drink so I will take a chocolate Malt please

9.  What is your favorite blog link-up?

I don't have a "favorite" but I do participate in Casey Wiegand's "On Your Heart linky", Lindsay Lee's "Things I love in this La La Land linky", "Mama Go Round's What I wore linky" and "the Pleated Poppy's What I wore Wednsday".
L*O*V*E all those amazing strong woman.

10.  If you could have a super power what would it be and why?

To be able to work and be a stay at home with my kids at the same time. All I want in life is to have more kids and to be with them all the time. I miss them so much when I'm at work. I have absolutely no choice. I am the primary breadwinner. It is what it it. 

I L*O*V*E my children more than life itself.

11.  What is one thing that you wish that you could buy for yourself?  I'm taking a selfish buy - like mine would be a pair of Christian Louboutins for sure.

A Garmin GPS system for running, a wet suit, a bike, biking shoes, a camel back and a hydration belt and a new pair of nice running shoes.

I wouldn't mind another eternity band to go onthe other side of my engament ring either but I'll take the triathalon gear first:)

Thanks for listening. This was fun. 
I got the idea for this interview {HERE}

T-Shirt Dress: Banana Republic
Belt: Emersonmade
Boots: J Crew
Watch: toywatch
Cuff: Hayden and Hartnet
Handbag: Tano (this is my baby. I bought it a small boutique in Brooklyn, right around the corner from our apartment. It was in the window for weeks and the day I finally decided I couldn't take it anymore, I went to purchase it and she had marked it down by 20% 15 minuets earlier. HAPPY WOMAN! 

 pleated poppy

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Brit said...

That watch and bag are AMAZING. Great finds!

Susan said...

Great pics again! Your hair is amazing.
Great interview ~ your post is up on my blog today. Love it!

Val said...

Such an incredible post!

maviii said...

çok şıksın hanna :) nasıl böyle zayıfladın bayılıyorum sana :)

Carole Rae said...

Those boots are simply amazing! Well...I love the whole outfit, but the boots are my favorite. ^.^

{Adventuresindinner} said...

Awesome post! Great outfit buyt even better outlook. :0)

I love Spain. So desperate to travel somewhere, anywhere right now.

Char said...

Love the Q&A and love your dress!!! I linked to your post in my post "Q&A and Photos" that will be up later :)

Brandy said...

Love the outfit and your Q&A. :)

LeahJo said...

Spain is definitely on our list too. Can't wait till it's possible.
It was awesome learning a little more about you!

Britney @ twenty-somethingwife said...

Aww...I'm so glad you did this :)& I love those boots and boot socks XO

Amber said...

mascara is a big one for me too. It really wakes up a face. Oh and chocolate malts are where its at!

stephanie said...

first off you look smoking hot!
second i LOVE getting to know you better : )
third you make me laugh so hard!!!
and i wish i could get away with just wearing mascara!!

Kate said...

Very interesting facts about yourself :) I have to agree on the mascara thing - pretty my favorite accessory!

Vanessa said...

I love the handbag..it caught my eye right away..beautiful!
I saw your weight loss blog post and came over to your blog for a visit...I like what I see!!

Have yourself a great week :)

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Haha, I love that you go on vacations for the food!!! :) Eating your way through Italy sounds amaaazing! I think if I could visit any place in the world, that's where I would want to go!

Tatiana said...

I LOVE your outfit and your shades Hanna. And your hair while we're at it. So jealous of it!
I so enjoyed getting to know you better. I also loved Italy. Such a beautiful and romantic place. Not to mention the food was delicious!

Lindsay said...

Love getting to know you better! You are so gorgeous!! Look at you momma!

Christy said...

Love learning more about you. Fun post!!

OhBoyMom said...

Hi Hanna, I am here checking out your blog, after you found mine through a blog hop. Great blog you have here -- so much fun and I love your pics...your weight loss story is truly awe-inspiring. Great to "meet" you!!

Susan said...

Pretty sure I read all of these and will happily do so again!
Love you in red. I've told you that before.

Busy Bumble Bee said...

Hi Hanna, I'm Wednesday {Yes Wednesday is really my name} from over on Busy Bumble Bee. It's nice to meet you too & I followed you back.

Empowered Momma J said...

Mascara is a must have. Love the outfit.


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