*Ringing* in the New Year

*30* WEEKS

The New Year has changed so much for me since the birth of my children.

 All through my twenties I could be found on any given New Years Eve out on the town, in a party dress, in the highest of heels,  flaunting way too much makeup, with my besties, drink in hand,   really livin' it up!!! 

Then I had kids and realized it wasn't really just another excuse to have a good time! 

Nowadays I can't stay up till midnight to save my life but the whole idea of a new year is an actual concept to me now.

This past year was one filled with challenges but then again  I suppose when is it not? 

I wrote up a month by month play of my year in 2012. You can read that post {HERE} including the good, the bad, and the ugly! 

 I felt very torn this year. 

As I read back on some of my posts I can't help but see a reoccurring pattern of "something needs to change" in my life in order for me to be fully happy!

Posts like {THIS} or {THIS} or {THIS} or {THIS}.

Something was not quiet right. I was unhappy in my job, unhappy away from my children, needed and wanted a stronger foundation with my husband. 

I think these are all attainable things but I need to work on them. I can see they will not just come organically. 

So as 2013 rings in this year I have high hopes of accomplishing F*O*U*R simple things. 

I want to incorporate faith more into my life on a daily basis. I want to become more disciplined about it; not just dropping to my knees and praying out of sheer desperation. I really want to become more educated about faith and how it can fit into my life in a positive way.

I want to accept this new baby into our family with grace and strength. Being a mother is hard, the hardest thing I've ever done. I don't  want to be just another mom yelling at her kids, pulling her hair out, trying to make sure they are all alive at the end of the day. I really, truly would like to be their guide, their teacher. I want to be able to go through my day calm knowing I can do this with grace!!!! 

 I really want to work on my relationship with my husband. I love that man so much and yet I don't show it enough. I feel like I am falling short in this department. I think the kids take everything I have out of me and there is just nothing left to give at the end of it all but it doesn't have to be that way, something needs to change. My husband needs to become more of a priority in my life. 

I have had a brand new sewing machine (gold mine) sitting in my den for a year and I haven't touched it. I want to learn to use it and I want to put my skills to good use. I am DYING to open my own shop!!!! I mean really, I am so creative and I have so many ideas. I know the hardest part is just the learning of the machine and I know I could build a successful business for myself. 

*30* WEEKS

Okay, now for a few R-E-A-L-L-Y supperficial things I want to accomplish just for the fun of it in 2013!!!! 

Dye my hair back blonde!!! I was white blonde as a kid and always had blonde highlights till I had kids and what can I say. I MISS IT LIKE CRAZY!!!! Yes, a pain to get done but I must admit, I had more fun as a blonde:) 

Loose the 70-80 pounds that I'll need to after Baby #3 pops out to get back to my size 4, but ya'all if there is one thing I'm good it it's loosing post baby weight. No worries, I got his one IN.THE.BAG.

Run one 1/2 marathon and one full, time totally doesn't matter, just finish. Once I get that weight off start in on some serious speed workouts and strength training. I'm planning to qualify for The Boston Marathon in 2014!!! 

Try some eyelash extensions!!

I'm really trying to get this blog up and kicking!!!! With my new shop coming I want to really get things going with some great group giveaways and some great sponsors so this week only take $5.00 OFF ANY AD SPOT with code "TAKE5" You may purchase all ad space through my {ADVERTISING PAGE}

There you have it!!!! 

My R*E*A*L resolutions and my F*U*N resolutions!!! 


And look I don't even have THAT many wrinkles  
for having almost 3 kids in 3 years!! HA!!! 
Dress: LA Posh Style
Leggings: Wet Seal
Glitter Flats: Target
Headband: Handmade by Scarlett
Bangles: direct from India (wonderful gifts)

Here's to a happy and healthy New Year Lovelies!!

What are some of your Hopes and Dreams for 2013??? 

I'd love to hear some more inspiration! 

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Brooke said...

Oh yes, blonde hair sounds perfect! It will look so cute!

I think your resolution to incorporate faith in to your daily life is great! I feel this is where happiness truly is! When we put our faith in God and trust him, we find peace!

Here is to a cheerfully delightful, blessed and prospers new year!

=) Brooke

Ruth V. said...

You are such a cute pregnant lady! You look beautiful :)

I love your four real resolutions - mine are very similar. Looking forwards to following along with you in 2013!
Happy New Year!

icecreamtomarathon said...

Happy NYE, beautiful! I pray this year will be the best one ever! I love your resolutions- all of them. I believe putting God #1, everything else will fall into place.
I've always wanted to get eyelash extensions too!! I may have to try that. And you'll look great as a blonde!

Beth Ann said...

Keep that #1 goal your #1 priority and I have no doubts that God will take care of the rest!

Barry and Rena said...

that last pic of you is stunning, youre just glowing! happy new year!

Anella said...

The last picture is very pretty :) & NO there is not one single wrinkle, how do you do it!? hehe :)

Happy new Year :)

Anne Hill said...

Your headband is so cute and I love your resolutions! Happy New Year :)

Emily Kate said...

So cute and I need those flats!! You are rocking 30 weeks, much better than I am 35. Happy NY!

Sheila said...

Love reading this post!! You look gorgeous! :)

Happy New Years!!

xo - Sheila

Ktbuttons said...

You look great pregnant! I love those gold shoes, I would steal them if I could and you have the prettiest blue eyes!

I just realized you had left me a comment a couple weeks ago and I don't remember getting back to you! So here is my hello and a thankful for stopping into my blog and leaving some love! Happy New year! :)

Dara said...

you must have been cold out there! :) your #2 resolution is awesome, I love it and want to do it too. happy new year, glad to meet you!

Char said...

Beautiful, beautiful face Miss Hanna :) Love the bracelets! Great goals and outlooks for the year ahead. You CAN do it and you WILL be running again, very soon! Cherish your time with your kids, as I know you do :) hugs! xoxo

Jamie Campbell said...

Happy New Year! Love your shoes. :) You are beautiful mama! xo

Maria said...

happy new year to you and your family!! you wear pregnancy so well - love the dress, the glitter shoes and awesome bracelets - ahh!



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