Snipits from * TODAY *

Today the kids and I had the pleasure to celebrate Christmas with Grandma and their aunts and cousins because they will all be out of town for Christmas Day. 

We all got spoiled with gifts and FUN !!!!! 

#1. Ginger got a pair of *HOT* Pink Patent Leather Mary Janes!!!!! 
OMG!!!!! It doesn't get ANY better than that!!! 
SERIOUSLY lucky little girl!!!!! 

#2. This morning before all the fun I made Peppermint Brownie Bark which I will have proper photos and a recipe to go with in a day or two so no worries! 

#3. My munchkins playing in a G-I-G-A-N-T-I-C fort that we made out of a 6 foot high box. It is awesome!!!! We're never throwing it away!

#4. Ginger *peeking* out the fort's window which I made curtains for:)

#5. My Husband's gift.........A HUGE marching drum. SO COOL!!!! 

#6. HOLY MOLY CANNOLI!!!!!!!!!!!! My mama gifted me these gorgeous, gorgeous Ugg boots!!! I think I've told you this before but I have had Uggs since I was a kid.  W-A-Y before they became all the rage. Some of you may not know they are actually made for surfers to wear pre and post ocean. They originally were made in Australia (I have no idea where now)  but yes, they were actually made for warm weather, beach wear for wet feet. They are meant to be worn barefoot. 
Anyway, the point is, I have pretty much always had a pair but the last winter we spend in Brooklyn I wore them to SHREDS!! 
I mean literally holes in them and leather ripping off so I haven't had a pair in about 3 years and now I have pretty much the most gorgeous pair E*V*E*R. 
Thanks MOM!!!!! 

So that was our day!!!! 
I've decided that I love to post beautiful photos and recipes but I also like to post just *FUN* photos, like little snipits of my life from that day. I think it lets you get to know ME better!!!! 

I truly love this blog. It grounds me. It lets me express and decompress at the end of each day. It gives me a creative outlet. I get to let all my feelings out!!! 
It's pretty much the most fantastic shrink I've ever found!! 
I'm so grateful today for this little blog and all you beautiful people who read it and gratify me. 

THANK YOU!!!! and Good night!!

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Samantha said...

Those boots are gorgeous and the little Mary Janes are so cute!

~julee~ said...

Great gifts from your mom - those UGG boots are fab! Thanks for sharing your snipits!

tiltthem said...

And thank you for inviting us into your life.

Have a nice christmas.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Looks like the perfect celebration!!

Lotus Blossom said...

fun!! great photos and gifts how cute are those Mary Janes!! and i am not a huge UGG fan but those boots are cute! xo

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Sounds like y'all had a fabulous time! :) Gotta love spending time with your loved ones....especially at Christmas time! The peppermint bark looks (and sounds) SO delicious!

Marissa said...

Those Mary Janes are beautiful!!!!

britney said...

Thanks for stopping by lately! I've gotten kind of stuck here :) Your weight loss journey is incredible. You really are beaming in all your "after" pictures, I can tell it's been an inside-out transformation! Nice to meet you, hope to "see" more of you!

Kristen Alexis said...

YAY for new UGGS and that fort! Holy cow!! One of my fondest memories is when my sister and I would build huge forts and play in them ALL day!!

Jen said...

Those Uggs are ADORABLE! I love the buttons! I have never had a pair but have been wanting them for several years. My husband refuses to buy them for me though until we live somewhere cold... Apparently he doesn't think GA weather warrants Uggs...


::The Beetle Shack:: said...

thanks so much for linking up Hanna!

xo em

Heather said...

I LOVE the Uggs. Merry Christmas to you!! And Ginger's shoes are darling. She'll remember those and love them for years to come!



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