*snipits* Sometimes it's just Necessary!

Sometimes it is totally necessary to accessorize with your daughter's headbands! 

And sometimes it is totally necessary to tease the bejeezes out of your hair. No I am not from Texas nor the south but you know what they say, 

"The higher the hair, The Closer to Heaven"

Sometimes It's totally necessary to make ridiculous amounts of crafts, especially around the holidays when Pregnant!

Find the DIY guide {HERE}

Then I found it totally necessary to rearrange the ENTIRE family picture wall 2 days before Christmas! 

Ummmmm...............crazy pregnant lady? 


Sometimes it is totally necessary for Ginger to be the cutest thing IN.THE.ENTIRE.WORLD and mow the carpets with her 
Dora Apron on.

Sometimes, actually almost all the time, it's T-O-T-A-L-L-Y necessary to be GRATEFUL!!!!!!! 

Last week My co-workers got together a H-U-G-E pot of money and got us a Sam's Club/Wal-Mart Card and an Apple Bee's Card for the new baby.

I am so grateful......BEYOND grateful........just thankful down into my soul. 
I'm not sure how much people know what they are doing when they throw $20 bucks here or there to help out a family like ours. 

I'm not sure they understand that all that added up means our new born baby will have clean diapers for a few months or we can ensure there will be plenty of hot food on the table.


Sometimes, It's really important to be in such financial despairity because it's a great teaching lesson in case you ever needed one on gratitude and respect for money. It sure teaches you to be grateful for each meal and not sweat the small stuff.

So today it is T-O-T-A-L-L-Y necessary to be 100% grateful to my co-workers who pitched in and got us a small fortress of things from Wal-Mart! 

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Well, what else is there to say...............It's totally necessary to be grateful for your loved ones and family members this holiday Season. 

Except for my husband and children my family has all gone to Hawaii for Christmas this year so it's just us. We plan to go to church tonight and then just do a small Christmas celebration here on Christmas Day. 

It will be a small miracle if I can find anything to wear to church tonight! 

I prefer small Christmas's anyway, especially when I'm pregnant. I tent to have a hard time with too much hustle and bustle! 

I hope to post some pics tomorrow from our day!!!! 


May your day be filled with love, joy and laughter! 

God Bless!
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Brooke said...

Loving your headband-Too cute!

Merry Christmas!


Samantha said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

The Weir House said...

"The higher the hair, the closer to heaven." HAHAHA i laughed.

CC said...

Merry Christmas sweet lady! So glad God has used your friends to bless you during this season. We are in difficult financial circumstances as well and have received so many gifts and blessings that have reminded us how much God loves us. Do enjoy your quiet family Christmas with your precious little ones. :)

Marion Green said...

Ha...love this post! Merry Christmas Hanna. May this holiday bring you much joy and laughter with your (growing!) family.
Big hug,

Val said...

Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Merry Christmas!!

Kristen Alexis said...

Merry Christmas Hanna to YOU and your family!! I hope you have a day full of love, laughter and relaxation! :) Happy holidays from my heart to yours! PS. The pictures of you and Ginger are gorgeous! She definitely got it from her Mama! :)

icecreamtomarathon said...

Merry Christmas, Hanna! I pray 2013 will be an awesome, prosperous year for you and your sweet fam!

Bettina Rae said...

Merry Christmas sweet lady. Thanks for letting me know about the tassel garland, its on my list for next year.

Bettina @ www.littleoldsouls.com


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