*Snipits* Tis The Season

Christmas is ALMOST here!!!! 

Every year it sneaks up on me and it's gone in a flash. It's almost like your wedding day, you spend so much time preparing for it and then BAM....it's over in a moment! 

However, I am very proud to announce I finished ALL the shopping.....Now onto the wrapping which I truly enjoy!!!! 

Here's our front gate! It's been snowing on and off all week and I am so grateful. It makes it seem so much more like Christmas to me when it's snowing!!!! 

Ginger and I just having a little play time although her face doesn't show it. 
She doesn't like photos much but this morning I snapped a few cute ones where she's actually smiling. I'll show them in a later post. 

And me and my Milton! My first  born, my baby boy. He hates it when I say that buy the way. He always corrects me and says, "I'm not a baby, I'm a B-I-G boy" 

Speaking of charming "big boys", Milton looked at me this morning. I mean REALLY looked at me and then said, "mommy I like your hair and your eyes look pretty." 

WOW.......I think that southern gentleman I married might be giving our toddler lessons on the side!!! 

Good Job Daddy!!! 

He's going to make somebody a very happy lady one day! 

Warms my heart to see him being so polite, so aware, so present! 

This week we made the traditional plaster hand molds as Christmas tree decorations. I was surprised at how hard it is to get the kids to hold their hands straight enough for me to push it in. 

They could have been better but I'd say we did pretty darn good!!!! 

A very fun Christmas tradition I would say.
Once they dried, we popped them out of the molds and wrote their names and date  son the back! 


I love this photo!!!! 

Both my little monsters dressed in super hero capes sitting at the adult table eating mounds of Egg Nog Bread! 


Sadly, we cannot find our box of stockings ANYWHERE!!!! 
And do to our budget I had to go to target and buy the cheapest stockings they had.

SO here you go. 
Cheap Target stockings. I thought they were actually not that bad!!! 

Kinda cute in a hokey kinda way!!!! 

Until tomorrow my friends. 

Be well and Happy Holidays!!! 
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Jenni Austria Germany said...

those stockings are cuuuute.

CC said...

Love your little curie pies. :) And my little man is four and also "IS NOT A BABY". Said very emphatically. And your new stockings are adorable. :) We got ours from the dollar store this year. Actually we get a lot of stuff from the dollar store these days. :)

Danielle said...

Love your cute stocking! I think they're great!

Ladies Holiday said...

Cuteness all around! Merry & Happy to you and your family :)

Christy said...

Christmas is just like your wedding day, so right. Seriously it is going way too fast!! I don't have stockings up, so I will partake in a glimpse at your cute ones. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Kestrina said...

Hey Hanna~ I found you through your comment on Esther Norine Designs' blogswap article, and decided to check your page. And I like your blogs, and obviously, following you. Please do check out mine as well: http://trulyendless.blogspot.com/

Much Love,

Hannah, Horn, and Hannabert said...

we bought the same stockings this year as well (due to budget and our unbelief that stockings should cost $13+)


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