Louisiana Vacation Part Three: The Lafayette Zoo

After we spend 3 glorious days enjoying New Orleans we headed to Lafayette to see the family!!!! It was wonderful to be able to stay in a warm, familiar environment and the kids just LOVED, LOVED , LOVED seeing the family. It was fantastic!!!! 

So one of the things we did was take the kids to the zoo!!! It was a blast! 


They LOVED this little cute pig.......we were feeding him breadsticks! 

The zoo had a little train that took you around the zoo which was really fun for the kids.
My Entire World right here
Meet the family......Isnaya my hubby's aunt and Schanda my hubby's sister and beautiful Isabella Milton and Ginger's cousin! Aren't they lucky?
The entire trip the only thing Little Milton really wanted to see was an alligator so thank goodness they had a few.....He's in awe! 

Believe it or not I have MORE Louisiana vacation pics coming.........I also have an AWESOME giveaway next week and an really inspiring interview so stick around. It's going to be a good week!!!! 

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New Orleans Part Two: Post Race Pig Out

Me two hours after my Half Marathon.....in heels of course......wouldn't have it any other way........It was the perfect Sunday for a pink seer sucker dress and a pair of heels.

The Post Race Pig Out!!!!! 

My husband's Muffelatta (Various meats, cheese, and topped with green olive salad on a GIANT seasame bun) 

My all time favorite......A soft shell crab Po Boy dressed. Nothing makes me happier. 

Now, for any of you folk who do not life in New Orleans or have never had the pleasure to enjoy a snowball I feel very sorry for you.

A snowball is a cup full of shaved ice and topped with flavored syrup. No it's NOTHING life a snow cone. I mean they cannot even be in the same category whatsoever. 

So.....of course my favorite snowball of all time  happens to be chocolate, stuffed with vanilla soft serve ice cream and topped with condensed milk. 


I ate mine and little Milton's. I kid you not! 

Milton and Ginger getting their first taste of heaven.

Me scarfing down that snowball like nobody's business....hey I earned it!!! 

New Orleans has a very, very special place in my heart and I have yet more posts and photos to share with you. 
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Lets Get Funky

Lately. I've been feeling great about myself. It's the running......DEFINITELY THE RUNNING. And sometimes I feel like I want to wear something a little edgy, especially when I'm feeling sexy!!! 

I'm happy with my body......I'm happy with the way I feel........I feel healthy....STRONG! I've finally learned to accept and love myself and it's rubbing off EVERYWHERE (except my bank account.JOKE)........Remember that post I wrote about  my husband a few days ago? That's the reason I want to be so close to him, because I feel fantastic and I want to share it all with him.

Funky.....Funky little Gwen Stephanie Tank.......L*O*V*E

Studded black platforms.......Please and Thank you! 

Black and Gold cuff! Yes Ma'am!
Starting to get that runner's booty! 

I hope you all can get a place where you feel great inside and out!!!! It feels Incredible!!!! 

Tank Top: Gwen Stephanie circa 2009?
Jeans: J Brand
Platforms: Cork Ease
Cuff: Hayden Hartnett

Momma Go Round pleated poppy
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New Orleans Part One; The First Crawfish Boil

Anyone who is from Louisiana knows life doesn't get much  better than a crawfish boil.
You buy them live, keep them in a cooler until their ready to dump into the huge boiling spice bath and then devour every last morsel. 

These were the live ones before they went in. Once their cooked they turn bright red just like a lobster.

Our second day in New Orleans our dear, dear friends Ryan and Hannah had a crawfish boil for us. This is a HUGE honor folks. HUGE!!!!! 
I will never be able to thank them enough.

Ryan and my husband Milton grew up together in New Orleans and I don't think it's a coinsidence that he married a woman named Hannah who happens to be one of the most precious people on the planet to me. 

Ryan the Boil Master!!!! 
Look at the size of that pot!!!

The gorgeous couple expecting baby number two. Congrats love birds!

All cooked up and ready to suck dry. YUM. YUM. YUM.

Everybody Feasting!!!

Little Milton LOVED them! He's got that Southern blood in him.

Showing mommy how delicious they were. Cutie.

Oh Ginger....Ginger....Ginger

You are so unbelievably beautiful in my eyes.

As a family.......enjoying every moment with friends at this special occation

True Happiness is a huge tray of fresh crawfish

My girl Hannah.........Beautiful Soul that she is.....It breaks my heart we don't live closer!!!! 

Love you girl!

This is one of many posts from our New Orleans vacation. More coming right up!!! 

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I have a Dream

I have a dream.

A life long dream of running a marathon and I'm half way there.

I started running 4 months ago. This past weekend I ran my first 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours. My pace 9.02-9.45 minuets per mile for 13.1 miles: By far my Personal Best.

Me Crossing the finish line.
Crossing that finish line........

Well there pretty much isn't anything else in the world like it. It's unbelievably empowering and gratifying.

One of the things I love so much about running is there are NO short cuts.
If you don't train......You don't finish.

This is a sport that takes real dedication and commitment and that is something that I feel very proud to be a part of.

Luckily because I live at 7000 feet and this race was at sea level, I had no trouble whatsoever. 

It was a beautiful, easy race for me.

I hardly broke a sweat and sprinted the last mile. 

At mile 12 the course split for half marathoners to one side and full marathons to the other and honestly I was DYING to just do the whole thing but my family was waiting for me and I didn't want to injure  myself.

It was a ridiculous amount of fun.

I can't wait to do it over and over and over again. I may become a racing junkie. Seriously it was THAT fun......for crazy ole me anyway!!!

So next up.........

On may 5th I am going to be running the full 26.2 miles in Shiprock New Mexico. It will be my first full  marathon and I am extremely excited. I've only got 6 weeks to train so it's on full blast now. 15 miles training run in 2 days.......cross training on Tuesday along with my usual 30 miles a week. As for my diet...I'd really like to lop off 1o more pounds so I think I'll try to stick to a lot of baked chicken, broccoli, and brown rice.

The idea of pushing myself mentally and physically to a breaking point is very intriguing to me...........I think most people just call that crazy.

Proud Mama Showing off her medal!!

It felt great when I lost 110 pounds but this feels even better........I am really proud of myself! 

Just in case you were wondering when I first started training I put about 4 pounds of muscle weight  but have since lost another 3 pounds and another 5, YES 5 inches off my mid section.  

I am very eager to have a "runner's" body which I am quiet far from unfortunately but I know I will get there eventually if I keep running. I can't lie....I want to be ripped!!!! When you work this hard at something you deserve to be ripped.

Because I lost 113 pounds, I have A LOT of extra skin and flab that is really hard to get rid of. But I couldn't be happier with the results I have seen from running; just another reason I love this sport!!!! Plus I get to eat a fried oyster po boy and a cupcake whenever I feel like it! 

I burned 1500 calories on race day!!!!! AWESOME!!!! 

(just in case any of you are new here you can read my weight loss story here)

Setting a great example for those kiddoes!!!!! 

A lot of marathon runners I talk to say they only run the race to get the shirt (that's a joke). 

But seriously it's like a badge of honor. You'll have it forever. It's a great keep sake. The one I got from this race I thought was particularly nice.  It's a Brooks cool max T's. 

I also was awarded a medal. AWESOME!!!!! 

Now I've got to get a wrack to start displaying my bibs and metals if I'm going to become a racing junkie!!!!

At the Marathon expo they had runners skirts which I have wanted FOREVER!!!!! 

I mean how much cuter can this get?

So that was my treat for the vacation and I love it. I would say perfect for 10 mile or under runs. Any longer and you may need more stability but over all  very comfy and easy to run in and SO ridiculously cute!


If you have a dream.......GO FOR IT......You will make it happen if you want it bad enough!!!!! 

I want to take a minuet to just thank you all so much for your incredible support throughout my weight loss process and now my running journey. It feels so good to have people rooting for you. 

I promise I'll run that 26.2 miles and make you proud!!!! 



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