18 Miles at Sunrise

Yesterday was my long run......18 miles in 2 hours and 55 min. Average pace 9.45 min/mile!! 

Thought I'd just give you a little recap about my long run this week. I don't know what's happened to me.......This blog used to feature beautiful photos and recipes and now it's filled with horrible iphone, dirty bathroom mirror pics of me at 4:30 am? HA!!! 

But honestly, I have to live my truth and the truth is that right now I am working overtime every week to support us, trying to spend as much time as possible with my babies and training for a marathon so it doesn't leave me a lot of time for cooking, taking beautiful photographs and blogging.....it's just reality so at least I'm honest! What you see is what you get! 

Whatever is my passion is what I must share and right now it's running!!! Hope your not mortified! 

This is what I look like at 4:30am! 

I always get nervous before my long run but always end up finishing really strong.

I have found a plan that works for me. 

I get up at 4:30am, eat 2 pieces of toast, a cliff bar and a big glass of water. Then I head out at 5am. It's pitch black when I leave the house so I run with a head lamp so I don't trip on anything. Luckily I am very familiar with these......when I was 21 I spent 28 days living in the outback of Australia with nothing but a sleeping bag.....no not even a tent......and yes it is now confirmed that I am definately CRAZY!!! 

 Somehow I have always been able to preform really well in the wee hours before sunrise. All through nursing school I got up at 4am to study and It worked wonders for me. It's the same with running.

It's like all the miles I can get in before the sun comes up don't really count, like free miles! I know it sounds crazy but any little mental games that help you through.......well, why not?

Also, the transition from dark to light really helps keep me distracted when I'm running......it entertains me. Not to mention it's beautiful and I'm done with my run at 8 am! AWESOME!!! Now I can get on with my day!

Oh and I just burned 2400 calories so let me start eating!

It was very helpful that I took the kids to Whole Foods a few hours later and found Easter Egg Nog and proceeded to buy TWO cartons of it!!! 

This is what I look like after running 18 miles at sunrise! 

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What to Wear.....After You Run

Wondering what to wear after a good, long, hard run?

How about some hand knit leg warmers and the perfect little zippy from {BLUE PLATYPUS}

I L*O*V*E this eggplant zippy. It's PERFECT for layering, so comfy and so cute! 
Perfect for lazing around in after a long run or running errands with the kiddoes. 

It's the perfect weight......not too warm.......not too cool. JUST RIGHT! 

ahhhhhh................love the way I feel after a nice long run!!!!!! 

It's also the PERFECT travel companion.   I wore this gorgeous eggplant zippy to New Orleans for my half marathon and it was perfect for the plane!! 

Long Sleeve Zippy: BLUE PLATYPUS
Hand knit Leg Warmers: Delirium Kredens
Leggings: EmersonMade
Extra Long Tank: Forever 21

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Momma Go Round
pleated poppy

Baby Love

I worked 2 back to back over time weeks this past month. YUCK! I had a really hard time getting through those last few shifts. I miss my babies so much when I'm working. I hate it. I so wish I was a stay at home mom. BIG SIGH!!! 
I suppose I should stop complaining about it but I figure if I keep putting it out there maybe something will change! 

Anyway.....I finally got a few days off and spent GREAT quality time with the babes.......wagon rides......the park........climbing trees. Oh...I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!

They are getting so big I can't believe it. Pretty much everywhere we go now people are asking if they are twins! They really do look alike now! I can't believe they are BOTH toddlers. Where did my babies go??????

Find Ginger's ADORABLE sun hat {HERE} at my beautiful friend {LINDSAY'S}shop! 

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Goal Dress

Remember how I lost 113 pounds? 
You can read my story {HERE}

Well when I was still 200+ my dear friend Kendra offered me this dress as a goal dress for incentive to loose the weight. 
Of course I accepted! Look how gorgeous it is!! 
It's fit me for quiet a while now but it hasn't been warm enough until now to wear. 


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Dress: Gala

Momma Go Round
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Getting Started

Since I've started running I've gotten several emails  from readers asking me how I got started so I decided to do a post about it.

I am by no means an expert. I am very much a beginning runner but I have been able to run 20-40 miles a week without a single injury so I must be doing something right.

can buy awesome shirt on {THIS BLOG}

Getting Started:

1. First things First. You need good shoes. 
I highly recommend going to a specialty running store so you can get fitted for the right shoes. They will also observe your stride and see if you over or under pronate. I over pronate and have a wide foot with a high arch (basically your worst nightmare) but I was able to be fitted for the perfect pair of shoes that have left me injury free. The brand I bought are Mizuno. L*O*V*E them! Note: your shoes will typically last 500 miles and then they need to be replaced! 

2. Start slow.
I cannot stress this point enough. Most people who are not "runners" or who have never been "runners" need to start really slow. Running is hard. It's a very high impact sport that takes a lot of muscle groups and a lot of stamina  and coordination to achieve. Your not going to be a marathon runner straight away. It takes time and practice. When I first started running I could go about 2 miles at a very slow pace of around 12 min per mile. Mind you I had been power walking for a year before this so I was in pretty good shape to start out and almost at my goal weight so I wasn't heavy either so don't be surprised if you can only run a mile really slowly to start out. If you try to run fast your only going to get exhausted and frustrated and want to quit. You will probably get side cramps for the first week or two when you start running. These are VERY NORMAL for beginning runners. Just stop or slow down and breathe through it. They will go away and you won;t have them once your body gets used to running. I never get a side cramp anymore.
Also, let me just say that I felt like I was going to die for about the first 3 weeks..........seriously.....then it got better.............and now I can't live without it! 
Hello runner's high!!!! You'll get there but be patient!! 

3. Never Stretch Cold.
I always stop to stretch between miles 3 and 5. I am nice and warmed up and I just take about 2 minuets to stretch my calves and thighs. I also so a much more thorough stretch at the completion of my runs. You never want to stretch cold. 

4. Listen to Your Body
This is something I find extremely important when it comes to running and remaining injury free. I probably adjust my shoes 3 times during any given run. Honestly, it's small, simple things like how tight your laces are that can keep you injury free. Don't assume your shoes need to be laced up extremely tight and leave them like that. I run with my laces loose and I find the smallest amount of pressure in the wrong spot will cause a arch cramp in my foot. 
It might just feel like a tiny nag at first but after 8 miles can very easily become an injury. This goes for any body part. If something doesn't feel right, either adjust it or stop running. Don't injure yourself before you can even give it a chance. 

5. Your body needs fuel
Make sure you are well hydrated hours before you run. If your going to run first thing in the morning then make sure you drank enough the night before. Don't try to drink 5 glasses of water right before you run. It will make you sick. Try to hydrate well the entire day before. I always drink one glass of water right before I go for a run and one right after. I also have a hydration belt that I use for runs longer than 10 miles. You really shouldn't run much longer than 1-1.5 hours without water. This also depends on the temperature your running at. If it's warmer than 70 I would only run 30 min without water. This will take a little experimenting but just be careful and realize that if you are sweating a lot, you need to replace that water in your body.

Also, be sure you are giving your body enough calories. I always eat a banana or a cliff bar before I run an average run. If it's my long run day (more than 10 miles) I eat 2 pieces of toast, a banana or a cliff bar and a glass of water. Also, always be sure to get a few hundred calories into your body as soon as you get back from your run. I like to refuel with some fruit and water.  You have about an hour window where your muscles will be very open to receiving glycogen and replacing your glycogen stores.  If you replace your glycogen immediately after a run you are less likely to get sore.

6. Don't spend too much time on the treadmill
I always try to run outside.   It is proven that avid outdoor runners get injured far less than indoor runners. You will develop much greater versatility as a runner if you run outside. You will develop a much wider range of muscle groups and skills like running on uneven surfaces and hills. Naturally you will be a stronger runner. 
Running outdoors comes with it's fair share of challenges like weather and safety but I find it MUCH, MUCH more gratifying than running on a treadmill. I only run on the treadmill if it's ice and snow here. 
Please be safe. I run with mace at all times. 
Tips for running outdoors:
- wear a hydration belt if necessary
- layer your clothing
- carry mace
-don't run in the dark
- don't run the same route everyday
-tell someone how long you expect to be gone and which direction your heading
-be careful

7. Get a good bra
A good sports bra is ESSENTIAL for running. I mean ESSENTIAL!!! You cannot run well and not injure your back if you don't have a good bra. No you can't wear 2 underwire bras and bra from Target. {THIS} is where I got my bra and it is awesome!!!!  I ordered {THE 3 BLESSINGS BRA} and I cannot run without it. One day I tried and threw my back out within 3 miles. I had to come come. Seriously, it's important and {THIS PLACE} has the best bras especially for well endowed women.

 8. Reading Material
Some people like to read about their sport before they get into it. I know I do. It helps me stay in tune with everything I need to know. I  have found {THIS}book really helpful. It has a little bit about everything you need to know from training for a race to what to wear and how to stretch. Everything and it's easy and fun to read! Get it! 

Some of My favorite Running Gear

I have discovered I love compression socks. They are supposed to help with blood flow to the legs during and after your run. They are also supposed help keep shin splints at bay. I can't really run without them. I have several different brands that I wear. 

{these}are my favorite. They have medium compression and I wear them the most
{these}I wear on my really long runs and are tighter
and {these} are kinda in between with lighter compression and I wear a lot on runs and to work.

 My hair is always driving me crazy. I have been looking for years for headbands that are elastic that stay in place and I finally found them Thanks to {Skinny Runner}. They are called BIC bands and they DO NOT slip and they also do not give you a head ache. I am majorly impressed. I ordered 2 to try them out and then immediately ordered 4 more. Seriously they are awesome,. 
You can find them {HERE}

Well........I finally broke down and got a {garmin}to track my mileage and speed and I am in L*O*V*E with it. I can at a glance see exactly what I'm doing in the moment. I love it. It really helps with my speed work.

However, if your not quiet ready t make that leap I might suggest that you use an iPhone app called "run keeper". It's free!!!!   It is also a GPS tracker that can track your mileage so you know how far you are running when running outdoors.


My friend Christy is an amazing athlete and has been like a mentor to me in my short running career.  You can find her and her lovely blog The Buhrs, {HERE}

I also have really enjoyed reading {skinny runner},  {haute running mama}{once apon a lime}and {run, eat, reapeat}.

I Hope a few of my tips will help any of you that want to start running do so. Honestly I have  never been so fit, happy, thin or satisfied in my entire life. Running is a great daily discipline and I treasure the "me" time. I think I would probably loose my mind with out it. Plus I am in the best shape of  my life. I honestly don't think I will ever stop. 
I am running my first marathon in a month!! 18 mile training run in 2 days! WHOOP!!!!

Oh and I track my training online on a site called THE DAILY MILE. Is anyone want to join and become my friend I would love to give you motivation on your runs and posts. You can friend me {HERE}


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Hot Pink with a PUNCH

I'm sure by now you have all figured out that I am completely OBSESSED with hot pink jeans!!!! Yes...cannot stop wearing them!!!! 

Well 2 weeks ago I got Sooooooo lucky and won this GO*R*G*E*O*U*S clutch from {k.slademade} and just about died. I am in LOVE with it!!!! 

Check out how the pink zipper matches the jeans exactly! Ugh. I DIE!!!! 
Have fun with your arodrobe, especially with summer right around the corner!!!!!! 

Tank: J crew
Jeans: J Brand 
Shoes: cork ease
Clutch: K.slademade

pleated poppy
Momma Go Round
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Urban Walls....a STUNNING giveaway.

I have great news........today Urban Walls has offered to give away a $50 store credit to their amazing shop!!!! 

They have wall decals for every room; family; kitchen; bedroom; baby.

Here is just a few of my favorites but go check them out {here}

To Enter You must:
Like Urban Walls on {facebook}

Addition entries: 
1. Visit {urban walls} and let me know what you would get if you won
2. Become a follower of Urban Walls on {twitter}
3. Like Bouffe e Bambini on {facebook}

The giveaway will end in one week, next Friday at midnight. Good Luck!!!! 

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Meet the Gorgeous Moda Mama

She needs no introduction..........just have a look see.......she's stunning!

Hi!  I'm a young mama and artist who loves to play dress-up, but when my baby was born I started the downward spiral of sweatpants and hoodies.  I needed someone to be accountable to, and so ModaMama was born.  On there I share my daily fashion journey, including hair and beauty tips and tricks, and the general ridiculousness that is my nutso life!  With a musician husband, a precocious baby, a little energetic dog, and all our artistic projects, there's certainly a lot to go around.  I'd love to meet you and enjoy some laughs and cute outfits!  Thanks so much.

Well.......guest what? This amazing woman and blogger has offered to give away one ad spot size 200X200 on her blog.

Mandatory Entry can be either 

1. Follow Moda Mama on {google Friend Connect}
2.  Follow Moda Mama's {RSS feed}
3. Follow Moda Mama on {bloglovin}

OR you can do all 3 or 2 and leave separate comments but only one is required. The giveaway will be open one week and close next Thursday at midnight!!!! 

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