New Gear

Oh Be Still My Heart.

NOTHING can get me going like some new gear!!!

So here's just a few items that I've acquired over the past few months and a few my wonderful, supportive mother gifted me as early Bday gifts so I can stay fit while not running. 


Her and my husband both know what will happen to me if I don't get my endorphins. NOT PRETTY!

So here we go. 
Now I have absolutely no excuse whatsoever so not get into AMAZING shape!! I forgot to show my yoga and medicine balls too!!!!

#1 New Mizuno Wave Inspire 8's. These are  made for mild to moderate over pronators like me! Aren't the purple soles the coolest?

#2 SOLE orthotic insoles for people with a moderate to high arch and all around great added support. You put them in the oven for 2 minuets and then put them on and they mold to your  feet. COOL! I have used these for 4 years with no problems.

#3 Nathan Hydration Belt which is totally necessary for long runs outside. This seems to be the most popular between the marathoners and I love it because the bottles shape to your body.

#4 Little Tiny waist pouch good for holding chap stick, toilett paper, and gels. Thi sis great if you don't want o lug the hydration belt. Sorry don't know the brand.

#5 Triathlon gear bathing suit!!! I got mine at REI. I figure If I'm going to be out of running for a few weeks and kinda want do a tri anyway I might as well start now. 

#6 Disco swimming cap!!! YES. I could have gone with grey or white but what fun is that? Also bought at REI.

#7 Swimming goggles! 

#8 Nike visor. SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT for when it's hot and the sun is blazing down on your face.I like visors opposed to hats because it allows the heat to be released from the top of your head.

#9. Ahhhh............BIG BLING GOLD sparkle non-slip head band from my beloved BIC BANDS. The owner is a kick a$$ runner herself and well what can I say her company rocks. BUY A HEADBAND!!! 

#10 very light weight sport glasses with an amber lens so even if it's kinda dark you can still w ear them to keep wind and dirt out of your eyes. Don't kill me but I don't know the brand. They were about $40.

#11 OH MY BELOVED GARMIN. Here I even found you one on sale!!!! I cannot live without it. My baby!! 

#12 Tinsey tiny iPod my wonderful hubby gave me. I love it! I hardly ever run without music unless I am forced! 

Next up I'm going to do a review on compression socks because I  kinda get a lot of questions about them and I have about 4 different brands now!! COMING SOON!!! 

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Ask Me Something!

Good Morning Friends!!!!! 

I had so much fun with my last little Vlogging session I thought I'd do another one f you have any questions left for me!!!!

So if any of you would like to know ANYTHING at all about me, my life, my training schedule, my eating habits............WHATEVER..............I
d be happy to answer in VLOG (video blog) form!  Simply leave your questions here in the comments and I'll get to them late this week when I'm not at work!!!

And FYI I am a very sore looser so if no one asks me anything I'll get my feelings hurt so someone ask me something for crying out loud!!! 


Love you guys!!!!!!!!! 

Today, it's a 3 miles walk, then off to the gym for an hour of cardio and 5 million crunches. I can barely stand up from those crunches on that yoga ball! 

Hurts so good!!!! 

I'm coming for you Boston!!!! 

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Times come and times go.

Somethings stay the same.

My love for my husband. My love for my children. 

I miss him. I love him.

I miss them. I love them. 

Today we got to take a nap in the same bed for 20 minuets and it was the fist time a year. 

My children are my everything but things are tight. We're broke, we have one car, no cell phones and really all we have are each other. 

I am beyond grateful 

Sometimes I don't know how I ended up so lucky to have such a gentleman at my side. What did I do to deserve this? 

He listens to my crazy nervous breakdowns that happen about twice a week. He cancels important functions to stay with me. 

He takes beautiful care of out children.

Sometimes I feel guilty. I feel like maybe I don't do enough in return.

I guess I just want to say that I am grateful today and every other day for my wonderful family even though I don't get to see them nearly as much as I should.

My dear friend Jessica send me a little reminder and I love it.

Have a wonderful Sunday! I'm off for a 3 mile walk with the kids and then it's to the gym at nap time!!!! 

I must say I've been sore fro head to toe ever since I committed to getting into even better shape than I already was. It's awesome!!!
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This is What I do on My Days Off

We take the  kids to the mall for fun.

They ride the carousel and LOVE it.

Try to eat at least 2 huge salads a day just like this one! 

I get all the exercise I possibly can including walking to the local grocery store. Spinning at least 4 times a week!!! 


My mama works for a great Yoga company here in Santa Fe called {Prajna Yoga}and they have asked to model their shirts.

How awesome is that? 
Not sure I'm in good enough shape for these hard core yogi's but honored either way. I'll do a post once I get some  pics taken! 

I COOK!!!! As you know cooking is my second love aside from running but I haven'y had mush time for it. Today I'm making Chicken Tika Masal. It's pretty much the most awesome Indian dish EVER. You can find it in my recipe index!!! 

Thank you to my wonderful mother for getting me and my entire family a  year long gym membership. WOW!!!!

My wonder Husband also bought me a tiny little iPod AND a yoga ball and 10 pound medicine ball to get my core in tip top shape for early birthday gifts.

AND my birthday isn't until May 19th:) love early gifts!!! 

And Yes after only 2 days of 60 reps on each my stomach is killing me!!!!! 


whenever I don't feel like doing it......I just picture me crossing that finish line with all the GLORY that comes along with it!!!! 

SO my plan is to take 6 full weeks off from running before I even attempt a mile and then go from there. I'm going to start doing weekly speed work sessions at the local track so I can get my comfy pace around 8:40 and then pray I can bust it out marathon day and qualify for Boston. 

I know it's kind of a lot but anyone who know s me I am as stubborn as an ox  or dumb as rock....not sure which ....LOL but I can pretty much do anything I set my mind too!!!! 

Hope you are all enjoying your wonderful weekend!!! 


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Planning For the Future

Ever since the marathon was called off all I can think about is how I'm going to get into kick a$$ shape in 6 weeks before I start training again. 

I headed off to spin class this morning and got my morning butt whooping. Loved every second! 

I figure I'll do 2 spinning classes in one day once a week to try and get 2 hours of cardio in to simulate long runs (Thanks Yo Mamma Runs for this tip). I know this seems crazy but.........

You have to remember on my long runs I was running for 3 hours sometimes with my heart rate between 120 and 170. So it's really hard to keep up with if I can't run.

On the days I don't do 2 doing classes I'll show up an hour early and do the elliptical for an hour before class starts! 

I'm going to head to the sports store today and buy a medicine ball and yoga ball so I can get my core in check. I love doing crunches on the yoga ball. Ohhhh.......It's burns like a mother!!! 

It's such an awesome workout. and the medicine ball too. It really works the obliques!!! 



Also planning to walk 3 miles in the  mornings with my hubby and the kids to the park. Also a great steady calorie burner! 

And this is how I have been looking 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the past 2 weeks and probably for the next 2 months! 

(rest. ice. compression. elevation)


Next Marathon will be Duke City Marathon on October 21st!!!! 

Here's how the course plays out!!! MUCH easier than the one I was supposed to run on Sunday so lets set a new goal while we're at it!!! 

Sub 4 hour marathon for this one!!!! COME ON!!!!!

I'm PUMPED...........just in case that wasn't obnauctiously evident!
Maybe someday soon I'll stop obsessing about marathons and running but highly doubtful;) 

Have a wonderful weekend my friends. I know I will. My wonderful mama bought me a family year long membership to the local gym and we're taking the kids swimming! 

Sending love and light to all of you!!!!
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Moving Forward

I had my last "test" run today and my shin had pain so the marathon for Sunday is officially off! 


Yes. Yes. and Yes.


shouting from the roof tops 


I ran 1.66 miles, my shin hurt, I could tell it was getting worse just with that short amount of mileage so I walked home and cried the whole way! 

I needed to. I trained 6 long, hard months in the 15 degree weather and 80 degree weather. I trained though stress, anxiety, exhaustion and fatigue and I LO*V*E*D every second of it.

To have it all come to a screeching halt is devastating and expected. 

I had my cry. 
I felt the disappointment HARD and now I'm moving forward! 

8:30 am tomorrow SPIN CLASS!!!!!! 
 and core workout!!!! 

I'm going to hit it HARD!!!!!


God has a plan for me and right now I don;t really like it much but there's always a plan.

Maybe I'll get in such great shape I'll qualify for Boston on my first marathon. You NEVER KNOW!!! 
But I do know there is a plan! 

Mark my words

I WILL RUN A MARATHON and I will achieve that life long goal probably even stronger and faster than I am now! 


Next Marathon I'm signing up for in October 21st, Albuquerque NM! 

If that one goes off without a hitch then it's on to Las Vegas Rock n' Roll series December 2nd hopefully with my blogger buddy {CHRISTY}


I guess I needed a little more of a challenge. 

Hey, I'll take it an be grateful!!! 
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Inspirational Interview with Yo Mamma Runs

Good Afternoon!!!! 

I am so excited because I have another incredibly inspiring runner to share with you today!!!! 

Please meet Lisa from Yo Mamma Runs

#1. Why did you start running? and how quickly did you progress? 

My friend invited me to run the 2011 Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, and I went for it. The race is in April, and I started running in January. The month before the half, I did a local 8K to get a feel for things. I loved, loved, loved the excitement of the Nashville race and the medal (which for some reason I didn't realize you got just for finishing), and I wanted to keep running and build off the base I had started so I signed up for the Savannah Marathon in November. That started a cycle of races. I just finished my fourth marathon on Saturday. It was the Country Music Marathon, so I felt like I had come full circle. I also ran four half marathons between this year and last year. 

#2. How long have you been running? 

I played recreationl league soccer and other sports since high school, but I never ran just to run. So a year and a half ago was my first attempt at running, just to be running. I didn't enjoy it at the start. It felt too solo and miserable, but after the first race and discovering the community of running, I can't get enough. 

#3  Does your running interfere with your "day" job or your your a stay at home mom job (which is much harder in my opinion) ?

 I'm a stay-at-home mom to four kids (8, 6, and 3-year-old twins), and I do weird odd jobs like part-time editing and secret shopping (not so secret now!). Marathon training is definitely time consuming, but it's worth it. Luckily my kids enjoy the kids' club at the gym, and I see Saturday runs as a time for my husband and the kids to bond, especially because he works tons of hours during the week. Would it be more convenient not to fit in training, probably, but the benefits far outweigh the effort I put into training. The endorphins really help me be a better parent. WHen do you have time to train? I do all of my weekly training at a gym thanks to that kids' club. Some people hate treadmills and tracks, but I rely on them to work up a good sweat and get me to where I need to be in training. So I'm thankful for them. On Saturdays I run outside in the early mornings, but my husband is very excited about my training break so he can use that time for motorcycle riding.

#4 How many miles a week do you run and do you follow a specific training plan? 

I used the Hal Higdon novice plan for my first half and full marathon, and after that, I used the Hanson training plan for my next three marathons. The Hanson plan maxes out at 16-mile long runs but builds lots of miles in during the week and focuses on cumulative fatigue. It worked well for me so I didn't take so much time away from our family on Saturday, the only day we are all together uninterrupted. During the plan, I average from 40-50 miles a week. 

#5 About how many races a year do you run and what's your favorite distance? 

Since I'm so new to running, I don't really have a number I usually do. I've scheduled to revisit the Savannah marathon (my first) this fall, and I'd like to sign up for Rocket City marathon in Huntsville, AL, in December. I'll probably throw a few halves in there to run as part of marathon training. Also, this summer I'm hoping to do some shorter races and try to build speed.The marathon is definitely my favorite distance. It is such a mental challenge. It stinks when it goes worse than you hoped because of all the time you put into training, but if you succeed at your goal, the joy is amazing!

#6 Tell us what your favorite race of all time was?

 My favorite race has to be the Mercedes Half Marathon I ran with my brother here in Birmingham. We got a free entry from our insurance company (cool, right?) so there was no pressure to perform a certain way. We dressed up as super heroes, high-fived everyone, took tons of pictures and just had a blast in general. And still had a decent time. Plus the after-party for that race is indoors with tables and lots of good food and socializing. So fun! My second favorite is the Country Music Half (not the full!). The fans are so great at that race. You don't even need music (which I usually always need when running) because it's so fun the whole way.

#7 Does your hubby run too?
No. He's very supportive of my newfound love, but it's not for him. He tried to take part in a relay for Mercedes, but his back killed him. He has always had back problems -- maybe from growing up on a farm and all of his child labor.:) But I get to run regularly with my brother who lives in town, so that is awesome!

#8 How does it make you feel to be such an accomplished runner and have FOUR kids?
 (yes people, she has FOUR) 

Running is so weird because you never feel like you've fully accomplished something. It seems like you're always trying to get a little faster or qualify for Boston or something else. But I have to say that every time I have crossed a finish line, no matter what the race or time, I have felt amazing in that moment. Now my kids talk about running a lot, and we stand on our front porch and cheer on runners who are going up the hill in front of our house (it's a killer). Hopefully, I'm passing on some of the love and excitement of running on to them. I just read a quote from Bill Rodgers (who won Boston four times back in the day) where he said, "You only get cheered in running. Every other sport, you get booed." I love that. In every race I've been in, spectators are so positive. Even when you have to take a walk break, they are cheering you on. It's such a positive sport. 

#9 Do you have a just a few tips to help any of my readers who are not runners but desperately want to be?

 Having a race date really helped me start running. I knew I didn't want to waste money (hate doing that!) by not showing up to the race and being prepared, so I stuck to my training plan. There are so many free training plans on line that are easy to use and effective. Start at whatever race distance feels like it would challenge you, and build from there. And stick with it through that first race/goal. I honestly did not like running until after that first race. It felt like a chore. I remember reading Born to Run and thinking what an interesting idea it was that people ran just for fun, but now I can see it. It took some work, but once you get past the initial pain and awkwardness (for me anyway), it really does become a small version of flying (slooooowly). And don't worry about all the expensive gear. Just get some shoes and go. 

#10 Do you follow a specific diet plan or just try to eat healthy to keep your weight down?

 My sister is a major health guru, so I try to copy her as much as possible. My number one favorite thing is always keeping fresh lemons around for drinking water mostly, but then I put lemon juice on most of my food too. It helps me drink a lot more water, which I am bad at. Last year, with my sister's help, I quit Diet Coke, which was a major accomplishment for me. It's helped get rid of residual nerve issues I was having (weird, I know) and just made me feel more energetic overall. I try to always keep spinach and lettuce in the fridge so we can have something green with every meal. I have a major sweet tooth so before most races, I try to cut out desserts for a couple of weeks. Not surprisingly, I loose a couple pounds every time I do this, but it's mostly about having more energy for my race. It helps when you are not in a sugar hangover. 

#11 Do you plan on running races for the rest of your life? 

I really hope I can keep it up. Luckily, I've been pretty healthy and active most of my life, so my plan is to make running last a long time. It's something that you can do anytime and anywhere, which makes it such a practical form of exercise. 

#12 If you ever had the chance to go pro, would you take it? 

Definitely! I don't think I'm going to have to face that decision anytime soon, but I would love to have a coach and a nutritionist keeping me on track. And cool clothes from sponsors. Running gear can get so darn expensive!

A big huge than you to Lisa from Yo Mamma Runs. I am so inspired by her story and her life. Thank you so much for sharing it with us today!!!! 

To see more inspirational running interviews click


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Let's Get Fit

I just wanted to share a little fitness inspiration with you today!!! 

I did my very first spin class Monday morning. I even called ahead of time to see who the most difficult teacher was and yup I went to his class.


I have finally found something that I can even compare to running. 

I was so sick of going to the gym and trying to pound the heck out of the elliptical or the stationary bike only to be frustrated because I couldn't even get a real workout! It's hard when your used to running 40 miles a week to find anything that can compare to it!  

I sweated HARD........I Needed a towel,  I sweated so hard.......MY heart rate was sky high and I realized this is a GREAT cross training exercise for me. It will help with my speed work immensely.  I would love to see how fast I can run after a few months of speed spinning!!!! YES!

So any of you runners who are temporarily sidelined I HIGHLY recommend spinning. 

It whoops your booty!!!!! The next day I could barely sit down! 


800 calories in an hour. Hello Endorphins!!! Thank you very much, that is more like what I am used to!!!! 

So as I embark on my journey, my mission to become a stronger, more competent athlete I leave you with a few motivation pics. All found on Pinterest! 

Honestly friends I Have never, I mean never felt so great in all my life. Being in better shape at 33 years old than when I was 18 is AMAZING. Not to mention I look better too!!! My hubby reminds me all the time:)

If you have weight to loose and goals to achieve, you can do it. 

Let's do it together!!! email me if you want to chat about it anytime!!!! I am HAPPY to help if I can! 

Sending love and light to all of you for accomplishing your goals!!!

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